Well, I'm a traitor. I just abandoned my beloved android and replaced my HTC Evo with no battery life for an iphone 4S. Hate to say it, but so far I love it (except for it's proprietary nature and no flash!). I charged it fully overnight and have given it a pretty good workout today, and I still have 86% on the battery!

So... I have glucose buddy, Yelp, Words with Friends. What else do you ios veterans recommend? Any tips?

Thanks :)

Love my iPhone too. Love it so much, I'm ditching my PC laptop for a Macbook. Apple makes some amazing products.

Yeah, if you had LTE in your area, that's probably one of the biggest battery drainers. I liked my iPhone when I had one, but I love my Android (Galaxy II Skyrocket).

What I do miss on my Android is the Wavesense glucose logging app I had on my iPhone. They haven't ported it to Android and I haven't found anything comparable. Iirc, it cost $5 but, for me, was worth every penny.

I use CarbFinder. It's a free app and you can save foods, calculate by weight or quantity, and create "plates." It's very helpful when eating out and attempting to SWAG.

I can't ditch my Android because of the no Flash - I use it to surf the web almost exclusively at home and rarely get out the old laptop anymore. I have the Thunderbolt HTC with an extended battery and get the whole day out of it including all day surfing with it. It is also 4G on Verizon and from what I understand, iPhone doesn't have that yet.

Hi! I LOVE my iPhone 4S. My favourite ap is Calorie King carb counter. I also use one to track... more girly physical stuff, and that REALLY helps when I need to know when to switch up my basals.
I have 4G on my phone, and from what I understand, so do most 4's and 4S's.

We are backwards here in DE, I had 4g on my 'droid but not on the iphone. Got calorie king, had it on my 'droid too - love it.

Thanks for all the suggestions!