Ironic thing happened

I was at work and it was time to test my b/s. I kind of dread it just cause I don't like the pain that comes from the stick. Any way I test. Afterwards I am getting papers out of a 3 ring binder and snap the rings closed on my thumb. I had enough blood to test for a year. Hurt way for than a lancet.

Aaaaghhh ! That's tough!

Once I crashed my bicycle and did a face plant, knocking 2x teeth in half, along with the upper and lower lip. I tested my BG from my finger and got 108 and figured "what the hell" and got 109 out of my face, so I'd say they were consistent!

I cook a lot, and when I get a bad slice, I test from it. Sometimes I even test my sister when she gets cuts.

Oh, are we all crazy or what?