Irratic lifestyle - whats better, pump or injection

I have a very irratic lifestyle where I will go from sitting in front of a computer all day to then doing extreme martial arts.

I go low and high a lot. Whats better for control, injection or pump. It’s just that in the UK you hve to fight for the pump, and I want to know if it is worth the fight.


Fight for the pump!!! I kind of live like you. I work on a computer all day and after that im either riding/racing bikes of all kinds. If im not riding I also like to box too, another good way to burn that aggretion! Anyway I have been on a pump for about 14 years or so and I will never go back to MDI. Good luck on your quest for a pump!

I’m with Chad. Has been about 12 years for me, and you would have a very difficult time convincing me to go back.

I agree that the pump is probably the best option for you, especially when it comes to managing your basal rates. With MDI you have to decide the night before (when you inject your lantus) what you want your basal to be the entire next day. With a pump, you can change your basal for just the next two hours, or disconnect and be insulin free for a period of time. It sounds like that freedom might help with your lows during your activity, while at the same time allowing you to be more aggressive in attacking your highs at other times of the day.

I agree with everyone!Fight for the pump.It will k eep you more level and stop the lows and highs.I am going through pump training right now.It is the longlasting NPH that causes the problems. You take it in the mornings and have to keep feeding it throughout the day.Too much excersize causes lows,not enough exercize causes highs.On a pump you can adjust the rates,plus you can accomodate the the carbohydrates that you eat.You can eat when you want and how much you want just as long as you know the carbohydrates in the food…That’s the beauty of the pump.Keep fighting!

NO with regret.

Martial Arts practice; grappling, throwing, pins, do NOT work well with a pump. It rarely stays on for more than a second or two if you do so. The pump gets hit, the tubing ripped off/out, or tangled far too often.

So no (Extreme, I assume is full contact something in a cage until you “tap”)