Irritated in more than 1 way

I recently got a new minimed pump. I switched from an Animas pump.
I like the new one except that the new infusion sets cause an incredible irritation even during the first day.I never had this on my animas pump. Even though the sets appear nearly identical. I did a switch of the canula and the minimed tubing fits it perfectly. I got no irritation with the animas canula and the rest being minimed.

I notice that they package these supplies in a way that makes it impossible to mix them even though they are totally interchangeable. Of course the cartridges are not interchangeable though.

I called minimed about the trouble and they told me there is nothing they can do and to speak to my doctor about an allergic reaction.But they do not sell or recommend any other products to be used with the pump.

So I am sort of stuck. I either have to buy double the insulin pump supplies, and throw half away. Or switch pumps which is about $6000.

I know they want the business to flow through them as their profit comes from the supplies and not the pump, but I also know that they do not manufacture these supplies themselves. So why not allow a second company for this kind of thing?

Does anyone else have a solution for this? If I could find someone who had a similar problem with Animas canulas, we could switch. but the reality of that is probably problematic.

I may be wrong here, but I always thought you had 30 days to return the pump to medtronic, see what other members have to say

Minimed uses a proprietary connector on its reservoir, others use luer lock connector.
There exist compatible reservoirs for minimed wich use luer lock, so you could use your "old" animas sets or others.
Don't know if your insurance has problems about that and covers all or part of it ...

I'm not sure what you meant about switching the canula...does that mean the entire part of the set that adheres to your body? If so, it could be the adhesive that's the problem and not the canula. If that's the problem, then you can use a barrier between your skin and the set...I use Tegaderm patches myself, as I'm quite allergic to the adhesive on the quicksets. If this is possibly your problem too, call Medtronic and ask them to send you a couple of samples of Tegaderm patches (and you can try IV3000 too...ask for both), and see if that prevents the reaction.


Do you know for certain that it is the canula and not the adhesive on the set? The reason I ask is that many folks have this issue with adhesives and Minimed may use a different adhesive.

What I do is put a patch of Opsite Flexifix on my skin BEFORE inserting my infusion set. That way, the adhesive only touches the opsite tape and never my skin. For me, this solved my rash issues. Oh, and I only have this problem in warm weather, never in the winter.

If it is the canula, you should be able to get a special reservoir that has a modified connector and can be used in the Minimed pump but connect via a luer lock (i.e., Animas infusion set). There's a website you can get them from. Can't recall it at the moment, but I know someone here shared the link once. I will look for it.

Here it is!

The adhesive is not my trouble it only gets inflamed in that narrow spot where the canula goes, I have scars that have not healed, about the thickness of a toothpick, 2 cm long. My doctor told me it is the canula material or something the canula is treated with. I have Kaiser permamente insurance which deals with just 2 companies for sets and cartridges, minimed and Animas.If I go anywhere else I have to pay for them.

Ok I have to admit I was wrong. I tried what you suggested on a whim. I used an IV3000 and poked through it like you suggested, And guess what. NO REACTION !
A friend of mine suggested maybe the adhesive was working its way down the canula, and into my skin.

That appears to be the trouble, and I have had this set in for 2 days and it looks good.
Problem solved. thanks for your post.