Is a 2nd Generation Ipod Case Compatible with G4?

I just received a Dexcom G4 yesterday for my son and was really disappointed with the case. Does anyone know if an ipod case would fit on the G4? Or does anyone know of where I could purchase a rubber case for the G4?

No, I don't know. But I would love to find one myself! Love the new size of it - much better on pocket space but the rubber thingy has saved it's life so many times on the Dex7 that I hate to be without it. I will be watching this site! Especially with the crazy way the circular thing is hooked on - it almost seems prone to breaking off. Scary!

i like my for my Dexie. Had mine a year and love it.

I just ordered anew one for the G4.

I have found this case for my G4 receiver, they come in a variety of colors, it fits perfectly on my belt, I can see the faceplate, push the buttons and hook it on my belt loop with the carabiner. I totally love it, but it is not hard plastic, it is flexible stretchy fabric. I tried to find a hard plastic case for it, but then realized this was a better option for me.
Hope you find what you want.

I agree with Clare on the TallyGear case. I would prefer a bumper silicone case like my phone, but I tried many things and nothing was perfect. I’m very happy with the TallyGear case.

First-generation iPod Nano cases can stretch to fit and be snipped to clear a space for the display, but the ones available today are pretty thin rubber.

I really wish Dexcom would just contract someone in Asia to make a decent silicone case so we weren't all running around with scissors trying to jerry-rig something. These things are not expensive to have made, and Dexcom could easily charge us to recoup costs and we'd pay it.

Come on Dexcom, cross the T's dot the i's...

Cases and skins for G4

I also ordered one of the TallyGear cases for my G4 receiver. The fabric is beautiful and I like that I can use the buttons without removing the receiver from the case. Thank you for posting the link to their website.

Yes, cases compatible with the Insignia Pilot mp3 player are as close as we're likely to get to a silicone case for the G4. The button wheel is a little misaligned, but other than that it's a perfect fit.

The silicone cases for the Insignia Pilot MP3 player provided by the TracySue123's link from this thread can be bought from eBay for significantly less cost than on Amazon.