Is all alcohol consumption bad for T2 diabetics?

I am a new T2 diabetics I use to enjoy a glass of red wine and Guinness stout from time to time but the red wine started making feel uncomfortable and giving me abdominal upset. The Guinness stout didn’t. Any reason or explanation? and any info on alchol,wine and diabetees. Anyone

As you can see from this post, we aren’t necessarily teetotaler’s at TuD

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I would like a Whiskey Sour. Is that to much. In not sure about wines or stout beers either can you help

It’s open season on red wine. Beer can be pretty carby and cause some elevated blood sugar but it’s manageable if you really like beer… sugary mixed drinks are probably a good thing to avoid IMO


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i stick to wine for the most part, as i refuse to bolus for liquids. wine does/can make you go a bit low though, esp if youre not really eating. i choose to eat of course, as i just love food. a t1 friend of mine actually has a beer if shes going low from wine. when i was with her and she did this, i thought she was a very savvy pwd.

Actually, alcohol, in moderation, is a pretty good thing for diabetics. It tends to moderate BG by suppressing glucose release from the liver (similar to what metformin does, but not the same way), and there are all sorts of good things in terms of stress-reduction as well.

Of course, “moderation” is the key word, here.

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Alcohol in general will reduce the production of glucose by your liver. So for many of us, if you drink a shot of straight vodka it will probably drop your blood sugar. A dry red wine is neutral for me, the residual sugar offsets the alcohol. Beer on the other hand generally has way too many carbs, many beers have like 12 grams of carbs. If I get a beer it is usually like Michelob Ultra which has 2.6 grams of carbs.

As to alcohol being bad. It is important to remember “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” - Benjamin Franklin


I gradually realized that a couple ounces of red wine before bed helps my Dawn Phenomenon. I usually have a couple glasses of red wine in the evening—no problem…