Is anyone else like this?

I take metformin with supper. I agree Barb, the longer I have it the less I understand it. A1C 6.5 ,I have been told by specialist I should drop it more. But I am 66, concerned for lows. Nancy50


Hey all

I have a somewhat similar issue. I am a ( or was ? ) a T2. After years of battling it my A1C zoomed to 12.6 and a C-peptide test indicated I was producing very little insulin. So, I got a pump. I run 1
u /per hour Basel and Bolus on demand.

I’ve developed a curios problem. If my BG is 90 it will fall to 43 if I eat anything of 15 carbs or so. Recently I had another C-peptide test that indicated my pancreas was producing above normal levels of insulin ! I can only infer that I am producing insulin in bursts.

This is very troubling for me, after the initial ( deep ) low my BG shoots up and generally I bolus at a 1/15 carb ratio. I purposely try to slow my meals down and rarely ingest over 40 carbs per meal, because of the possibility that my pancreas may react I don’t bolus over 2 units per hour. I would have not a clue this was occurring without my CGM. On several occasions when my BG gets to 60 or so I panic and consume a lot of sugar, then at some point my pancreas stops and it’s up, up and away (350 BG or so ).

If I eat very little carbs ( like 20 per day ) this doesn’t happen… but I still need a Basel because my pancreas doesn’t seem to contribute at all.

I appreciate any opinions on this… thx