Is Anyone Else on 500mg per day of Metformin?

There are 2 endos on my plan. The one has a nonworking phone number. The other one saw me for 2 minutes. He wrote me a script for Metformin and ran out.
I guess he doesn’t need new patients or hates practicing medicine, but I never went back there. His front office staff never did anything you’d ask them to do.

I would rather stay with an internist who is going over my labs with me, getting them done periodically to see where I am.

Are you able to talk your doctor into giving these drugs? Mine is pretty conservative and wants to be in control. I am wondering if I should make him increase my Metformin.

I will talk to him about increasing to 1000mg per day, now that I am tolerating the XR better. I do have to watch carbs, any small amounts make me go. The only carbs I can tolerate are vegetables,maybe because they are so low, but I can’t do any grains. I have eliminate all refined products from my diet, and now, all grains, period. The Metformin doesn’t like them!

I agree. I think our society acts like sleep is something to be compromised, and people sort of brag about how little sleep they get and how they can “get by on just four hours a night.” But that has to take some toll on them. That is when the body rests and repairs itself.
I have always been a person who needs at least 8 hours.
With my job, I can get called in during the night, but the next day, I get the sleep I need instead of pushing myself.

I also feel for this situation too. Somehow, the work ethic in this country has become about the worker working him/herself into a heart attack, stress-related illness, or depression or anxiety.
We are supposed to kill ourselves slowly so those at the top can reap millions and walk away.

I can totally agree with you.

Oh that’s bad. I’m so sorry. Some endos don’t specialize in diabetes. I wonder if you can look up the one endo’s number to see if it had changed?

I know an office staff can make or break your experience.

I’m very lucky I have a great endo.

Twix: I had a conservative internist like that. I went for years with her telling me my diabetes wasn’t that bad and that I just needed to lose weight and exercise more.

But then my a1c began to climb, and I started to have HBP and high cholesterol. I never had any issues with that before. My BP used to be so low that they wondered if I was alive! :slight_smile:

You kinda get to know your body. I know at 140, I wasn’t necessarily all that symptomatic, but then when I was 180, I was.

I am feeling so much better now that I have more energy and less symptoms (frequent urination, sweats, extreme fatigue).

If you’re feeling ok, and your doc is watching your numbers, you’ll know when to press him or her into more action.

Sweet, your post really speaks to me. I so long to be retired and free to do my own projects and take more time to take care of my body (exercise more than I can now, etc.). But work is so stressful I sometimes wonder if I’ll make it to retirement.

Teresa, my doctor put me on the ER a couple months ago, both to see if it would help my dawn phenomenon and the diarrhea I have a few times a week, but my morning numbers immediately went UP about 10 points, and the other problem continues, so I asked to be put back on the regular.

In my case 3 times 500 mg per day was totally ineffective. But Am the time I weighted 200 lb so could be effective for a lighter person.

Hey all - WE CAN MAKE IT! Just remember - don’t let this disease rob you of what you want to do. Everytime I push myself at work, I try to tell myself that.

Maybe we’re not like the others, but I’m not about to let Diabetes rob me of my dreams of retiring and traveling.

when I was first diagnosed I was on 5 mg/day Glucotrol XL. About 6 months later, my doctor changed me over from Glucotrol (a sulfonylurea, which is an insulin secretagogue) over to Glucophage XR (the generic wasn’t available in extended form at the time), 500 mg twice daily. During all this time I was losing weight… about 9 months later, after going what the doc considered to be dangerously low over a religious fast, she reduced the dose to 500 mg once daily. Four months later I was completely off diabetes medications. What does and doesn’t work, and at what dose, all depends on your body. And to some degree on your diet, exercise regimen, and weight.

This discussion has really opened my eyes. When I was first diagnosed last year, I was put on 500mg metformin 2X a day. At the time I weighed 200 pounds. (I am 5’ 10"). After six months I was down to 165 pounds. I exercise 6 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes (cardiovasular stuff) and cut my carbs down to between 60 and 90g per day. My aiC was down to 5.6. My endo thought that my weight loss might be a little extreme so she took me off the metformin with instructions that if my fasting readings averaged over 120 for a week, I should start taking 500mg once a day.

I was very proud of being taken off medication. Except that my internist did lab work a couple of weeks ago and my a1c was up to 6.3. Which kind of freaked me out because my reading only once during the month since I saw the endo went over 120. But mostly, I am afraid she will put me back on medication (my weight has stayed at 165)…

Except now reading this discussion, maybe thats not a bad thing and maybe in the long run its for the best.

I guess stretching out the Metformin might be more cost effective.

I am going to lose my health insurance. The cut off is 1200 a month gross, and I know I made more than that last month. The bad part is, I can’t afford insurance on what I make. My hours are not guaranteed and some weeks I don’t make over $200. But they go on what you have brought in the past month. The diabetic nurse said it is a tough call, because people without insurance wind up sick in the hospital, cant work, then wind up back on the state insurance.
Everyone in this country thinks everyone is taken care of, but it is the poor who get free care, and if you get a job, they cut you off, even if you cannot afford insurance.

Maybe you can get them to retest. I am freaking out, because without insurance, I will not be able to get any testing done except what I do at home. I won’t be able to see a doctor unless I pay out of pocket. Now I know why people go downhill.

I cannot afford the Glyburide. I can get Metformin at Walmart for $4 for 30 tabs. That lasts me a month, since I am on 500mg per day.
I am going to have to figure out how to manage this disease on my own. I cannot afford to see doctors and pay out of pocket for labs, etc., when some weeks I only gross 200 dollars.
This bad economy is going to make sick people sicker.

I am glad that combo worked for you. I know losing weight must be an awesome feeling!!

Oh Twix, I am so sorry to hear this! Our system is INSANE.

Your fasting readings are not the whole story. It’s probable that you have been going higher throughout the day. See if you can get enough strips prescribed to test more often.

I am waiting to see if I can still stay on the plan. I am “making too much”, which is anything over 1200 gross per month!!!
I am over that limit, but I don’t get the same hours every month, so I don’t know what I will bring in. I am hoping I can stay on the plan, if not, they boot me and I can go look for insurance on my own. I know I cannot afford it. I am just getting by. The state of AZ says an insurance company CAN reject you for diabetes, or any other condition they call an “uninsurable condition.”

Dear Scott. Why stop a winning combination. In your case the metformin appears to be doing a lot of good. your insulin resistance will return and so may your body weight undoing your spendid victory.