Is anyone on insulin AND glucophage/metformin?

Hi. I found out today that I may have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and my endo may be putting me on glucophage. I will find out for sure on Monday. Does anyone here take glucophage? I am definitely having issues with insulin resistance. If you are on it, did it cause lows or did you have to lower your basals? I don’t know anything about this combo and I’m a little scared. Thanks!

I am currently taking 58 units of Lantus each day and on 2000 mg of Metformin (glucophage) as well. I’ve only been Dx’d since 10/10/2008, and I’ve not had any problems with it thus far, but as I lose weight and watch my carbs my morning BG’s have been between 70-97, it depends on what I eat at night before I go to bed. I’ve yet to face a low, but, with the low morning BG’s looks like I might face one sooner or later, possibly?! I go back to my Diabetes Clinic (where I have an Endo and CDE/Nutritionist) and I’m sure if I’m getting too low they’ll have me lower my dosage of insulin.

Basically I am doing well… I went in to my clinic with BG of 317, and they have since leveled out and I’m about “normal” numbers now.

Congratulations for such good numbers!! Did you start on Metformin from the get-go? I never took Lantus, is that a high dose? Any side effects from the metformin? Thanks.

I take 1500mg of glucophargeXR (extended release) with my evening meal.
I also take 15 units of Levimir between 10 and 11 PM ( I work shifts so it’s not always bedtime) Levimir is a long acting basel insulin.
In addition to those I have to take Novolog (fast acting) with my all my meals and the dose varies depending on my BG reading and what I’m eating usally between 4 and 6 units.
I was on glucophage before going on insulin so I can’t comment on lowering the insulin.
I have not had any side effects the only time I seem to go low is when I miss calculate my Novolog dose and take to much.

I am on Metformin as well. It helps a lot, it really does.

I take 2000mg of Metformin each day - I’m Type 1 but trying to lose weight and taking the Metformin lets me reduce my insulin dose which in turn helps me lose the weight. Don’t be scared, looking at the replies already, it looks like there’s quite a few of us on this combo!!

Hi julie
I took glucophage first along with two other pills for diabetes. I’m on an insulin pump now taking an average of 100 units novolog a day plus 1000 mg glucophage daily. I also have PCOS. I don’t know if glucophage helps or not. I don’t have lows. I seem to be quite resistant. I can’t answer all the questions because i started insulin already on glucophage

gail, are you type I or II? I thought 100 units of Novolog seemed like a lot so I just checked my pump and I am averaging about 80 units per day myself. I am not going low anymore, either. Really got bad this past year. I used to be in decent control, now I can barely get under 200 no matter what I eat/don’t eat/increase insulin. Do you exercise? I don’t. I know I should start. How long have you had PCOS and when were you diagnosed? I will know for sure soon but it’s looking VERY suspicious.

I have been on glucophage/metformin for 3 years, in the beginning it really helped me w/my BS. After a year or so though I guess my body got used to it. I am currently on Novolong but still take metformin because I have PCOS. I have never had serious lows from it. I have a few friends who have been diagnosed w/PCOS and they do not have diabetes and are on glucophage for it, so apparently it is a very common treatment.

I always assumed I was type II. At my last endo visit they gave me copies of dx papers and he checked both type I and type II. I imagine it is type II. I am past 50 now and have had diabetes for appx 14 years. I take beta blockers and I really can’t tell what my sugar is until I check it. When the one touch reads out, I am as suprised at what it says as the person standing next to me. I know what you mean about the sugars. I’ve not had good control lately. A1C is 8.7. My carb ratio is 4/1 2 meals and I keep bumping up the basils. I don’t exercise regular. All I do regular is work too much. Irregular meals etc… I have had ovarian cysts maybe 10 years. The last gyn visit she said it was probably PCOS. Only had one to burst. I guess I’m getting so insulin resistant that I’m gonna have to find time to exercise. Take care.

hi i take insulin metformin but it id not work 4 me so i changed

On Thanksgiving, my pump had a kink in the catheter and I didn’t realize it. My bloodsugar got up to 580 and I started freaking out. I had never been that high in 20 years, since I was first diagnosed. All these thoughts were running through my mind. I thought, maybe I am immune to insulin now? How could it jump so high so quickly. I’d had kinks before. I changed my whole set, set a temp basal at 2.0 units per hour and just kept bolusing. I dropped to 130 and I thought I was going to pass out. That’s the lowest I’ve been since. I am really scared about this resistance. Is exercise truely the key?
I am sure you are type II. I have had type I for 20 years and my endos still check off the type II box. I think its force of habit for them. Well if you ever want to start a buddy exercise program…even if its walking up a flight of stairs in the house 3 times a day…let me know. I need someone to help motivate me and vice versa!!!

Dear Julie.

I did try the combination of Lantus, novorapid and metformin within the last 1 on several occaisions. The resulting blood sugar control was very good. I was taking about 500 mg met 3 times a day, 35 IU lantus and about 20 of rapid. Metformin however makes me feel sick and even much more tired. I am not sure that it made me less hungry. without the metformin I take 40 IU of Lantus and 30 novorapid, so it is probably resonable even necessary to cut your basal and bolus doses if you are somewhat insulin resistant. So I would not worry you may end up with better BG once you work out the best combo.

Dear Sara. What happened with the insulin metformin combo?

I would love to start a buddy exercise program. I need to feel like I’m doing something to improve instead of feeling discouraged. Lets start with the stairs 3 times a day. As we get bored, we’ll switch to something else.

Sounds great. Baby steps. Yesterday I had to run and chase after my dog that escaped…I thought I was having a heart attack…awful and pathetic at same time!!!
Let me know when you did your stairs!!! I will be doing it this afternoon. Happy climbing! hee, hee.

I did my stairs. Had to lay down and breathe afterwards! We got a WII fit and I did a couple of things on it. You go girl!

Thanks Anthony. What is novorapid?? I’ve never heard of it. Is it like Novolog and Humalog? I am worried about the side effects of the metformin, too. But I do hope the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

You go too, Gail! Way to do those stairs. I did them too. I also walked around the mall for a few hours…not as exercise but trying to power shop and dart around all the strollers and people. How do you like the Wii fit? I am really thinking of buying it.

Thanks, Julie! I’ve definitely been working hard!!

I started on 30 units of Lantus, initially, but I was on an “aggressive glucose titration” so that we could get my numbers down quickly…and they started me with 500g of Metformin the first week, then 1000mg Metformin the 2nd week, and 2000mg the 3rd week, or as my body could handle it.

the first two weeks were fine, but when I went to 2000mg, I initially got diarrhea and bad stomach cramps, a couple of days, but other than that, I’ve been doing well…

The “aggressive glucose titration” was basically seeing what my body needed in insulin, and apparently it needs 58 units currently, but that’s only once a day as it’s a very slow acting insulin, from what I’ve read, it has a small peak about 2 hours after the initial injection, then levels off.

My Endo told me that she wanted me on 2000mg of Metformin initially, but if she had done that that I would “hate” her due to the diarrhea… and looking back, I defiantly would have!! hehe

As far as 58 units being a high dose, I’m not certain, but my Endo assured me that she’s had some patients up to 100 units, so shrugs I don’t know… I do know that I go through each pen in about 5 days, so one box of pens lasts me approximately 25 days… thank gawds for insurance!!

((BTW I din’t realise this was the Type 1 forum… I just saw the title and responded))