Is anyone on the Tslim X2 using Apidra?

I just stumbled across this website and it seems to suggest that Apidra and Tslim X2 is not compatible but its not official message from Tandem or Sanofi.

But then it says that in the US, it has worked. So I’m a bit confused. If its not compatible, how is it to work?

I am not a T-Slim or Apidra user. So my opinions are not from first hand experience. I do own stock in T-Slim, but I doubt the 2K I own amounts to much more than a small annoyance to T-Slim.

So here is my tiny little knowledge. The Apidra, is a very small molecule insulin. It is designed to pass through the skin more easily because it is a small molecule insulin.

There are several reports of issues, including on our site.

it looks like not a wonderful idea. does anyone know if this information has been updated? The writer you reference the Bionic Wookie is a terrific source internationally.

Thanks for that.

If I had to switch insulin, novalog/novarapid seems to be an obvious choice. Does it have the same peak times as Apidra?

I’ve seen a graph before that shows the peak time of the rapid acting insulin (Apidra, novalog and humalog) but I cant seem to find it anymore.

From memory does have a faster peak time but sources on the internet tend to group all three of the rapid insulin’s together and generalise the peak time. I’m trying to understand that if I do switch to novalog, what does it mean, do I need to bolus earlier? How about the duration it lasts for, apidra on my pump is set to 4 hours. Not sure about what novalog/novarapid setting is.

I used Fiasp on my TSlim and got so frustrated by the Occlusions that I stopped using the pump. Little did I know that it was the Fiasp’s fault and not the pump’s fault. Now I use the pump again, with Humalog, mainly because I have a lot of Humalog hoarded and it’s easy to get in Hong Kong where I live.

I think Humalog is a bit slower acting but not by much. My guess is if you don’t change your pump settings you will still be fine, but perhaps that’s me not being precise enough with my own settings.

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You can’t use apidra with tslim. I forgot why. I use novolog. I tried apidra briefly when on mdi and it caused too many lows. I will prolly be on novolog for good and I am used to it. My setting for duration is 4 hours. I do have a lot of fluctuations and lows but that is another matter.