Is "Can Do" an attitude?

I love the spirit of can do! Or maybe it’s more the attitude.

Whatever it is, it allows people to do more than they think they can, to exceed all expectations and achieve the impossible. I’ve met so many people who have it, and it seems that every year that goes by, more and more of these people cross my path. I feel so lucky to have been meet so many of these people. Some are young, some old(er). Some accomplish great feats others manage to survive when everything stacks up against them. All are changed……transformed as a result of ‘the’ can do!

Are the lucky ones born with it? Is it a certain genetic code or can the can do be learned or acquired? In last year’s ride across Canada for diabetes research two of our riders shared an age gap of 64 years! The youngest rider, Liam, was 8 and our eldest rider, Charlie, was 72 – but together that did extraordinary things, together, with the rest of the team, they helped peddle the relay baton across Canada in an effort to raise funds for a cure.

I’m fascinated by the can do. I will be seeking out people who have it and find out where, how and why! I’m guessing it’s mostly learned or an ‘award’ given through life experience or circumstance.

Who have you met with the “Can Do” attitude?
What do you see that makes them so amazing?
Share your “Can Do” stories below


It would be fair to say that I am one of those people who can be counted on to have a ‘can do’ attitude. I think it is something we learn in many ways, such as through life experience, through example of others, through expectations learned in our upbringing. I wouldn’t call it an award, as that implies it is given to us, when I truly believe we choose our attitude. And it is amazing what a difference choosing a healthy, positive attitude can make to your day at work, or at home, or anything else in life.