Is everyone's "New" PDM as loud as mine?

My “New” PDM seems to be soooooo loud. I don’t think I can adjust that either. I just wondered if everyone felt this way or if I was losing it.

Mine too


I haven’t noticed a big difference in the volume, maybe a small bit louder. What I noticed right away is that the tone of the beeps sounds better, somehow more “professional” and “robust” than the weakling beeps that the first-generation PDM emits. I like the sounds from the new one better, overall.

+1 for LOUD. But, I do like the PDM much better the screen is fantastic.

My friends say it is louder but it hasn’t really been noticeable for me. I do think the keys are a little silly looking, they have all that space, couldn’t the keys be just a bit bigger? But overall I like it and the new software better than the old PDM!

It’s louder but I don’t mind:) The screen is GREAT!

I am glad I could never ear the old one!

YES! Mine definately is. But that’s a small irritation compared to how aggrivated I got with the old one.

It is surely louder. I truned the beeping off sp not to wake up my daughter during night BG tests.

I’m with you - crazy loud!! Horrible when testing at night!

yes…and it sounds louder when doing it at the office.

Oh boy, Now I see this. :-{
. Insulet just replaced the older model PDM I just received , with the NEW one. I complained that since I JUST received the Onmi Pod this past Friday and it didn’t come with the new PDM. Yhey did send me the new upgrade for an exchange…Very nice of them I feel!
I hope I don’t find it too noisy! I am hoping to meet with someone THIS Friday to show me how to set it up and use it!

Yes, but that is a good thing. I have tinitus in both ears, and I could barely hear the old model PDM.

On a seperate issue, when my Pod alarms, I can’t hear it - it seems to be at the same frequency/pitch as the “usual” tone I hear all the time. My wife has to tell me that my Pod is beeping… It would benice if there was some way for the Pod to “vibrate”, like a cell phone, when it alarms, so I could take corrective action.

i don’t have the new pdm yet…but what do you all mean by loud?

also, can you turn off the beep when you test? i test in my office a lot and my coworker always jokes i’m about to explode. haha

Yes, I have mine set to be silent for testing, but I left on the loud “confidence alert” beeps that tell me the bolus has begun delivering. You can set it up however you like.

Mine only make noise when I test my blood, that a bolus is programed and now, to tell me the pod needs to be changed. It beeped.
I believe you can anjust the noise…the person who showed started me on it this past Tues, adjusted the sound.
I have the NEW PDM…