Is Insulin Enough?...C-Peptide Replacement Therapy

thank you for your reply. The mild neuropathy just started within the last few years, even with my great A1C’s usually in the 5’s. I’m sure it has something to do with the length of time I’ve had D. I’m hoping for a miraculous outcome!

thank you Betty. I’m hoping for a great outcome for all of us!

me too!.. please post back if this helps you... :)

Linda I also forgot to ask how you knew you had neuropathy.. is there a test for it other than the nerve conduction tests? I want to ask my endo about this.

The problem with pulling out random facts about c-peptide is that you never know what is really causing the trouble unless the entire system is studied.

To say that high levels of c-peptide causes heart disease my just be one of those things that appears to be something it is not. Truth is that people with high levels of C-peptide also have high levels of insulin and probably varying levels of a lot of other things.

The animal studies done that I am aware of, suggest that C-peptide does have a hand in preventing dome diabetic complications. particularly neuropathy.

When I was in College, I learned that C-peptide was simply a byproduct of insulin production. That "byproduct" is in equal amounts to insulin. It simply seems unlikely that our bodies would be so very inefficient.
It is simply an unknown. We need to have these studies to find out.

I believe it is likely that C-peptide has beneficial effects that have not been effectively demonstrated yet.

Ad we can not ignore that Type 2 people with insulin resistance may also be C-peptide resistant too. This may explain why T2 patients with high levels of C-Peptide do not avoid complications.

There are so many variables like that, I'm sure it will be many years before we can know the answers anytime soon.

For the study, the nerve conduction test as well as the vibration test was what they used to validate the diagnosis. I noticed that I could feel little whisps of things on my feet that were not there. I would describe it as like as if a hair had landed on my toes or something similar. It is intermittent. I also noticed I had reduced sensory on my third toe. I think everyone's symptoms are different though. I will keep you posted, although, with any research study, there is always the possibility that I might be given a placebo. Not even the study Dr. will know which I will be given.

My neurologist tested me to determine whether I had neuropathy many years ago. I have been tested again several time in more recent years, to see if my neuropathy was progressing. It has stabilized, and is not much of a problem now.

Interesting Richard, thank you.

If only we can live that long to see what are the other colors..umm.

Thanks Linda, I have had nerve damage from accidents and then a dvt so I'm not really sure what is causing my symptoms... I have tingling and a feeling of pressure as well as sometimes pain now.. but I had lots of pain with the dvt which got better over time. I had the nerve conduction for my neck after an injury. The thing that concerns me now is the pain in my feet etc. And I still get mild swelling sometimes, had that with the dvt in my ankles. But so far I have no loss of feeling which is what they told me to expect with neuropathy. That is true you could always get a placebo, but I hope you get the real thing and that you have a good result.

Thanks Richard, I'm going to my endo monday and I will ask him about this.