Is it a curse or a blessing

do bad things happen for good reason type 1 is not the best thing that has ever happend to me but my outlook on life is a lot better than most giving that i aint that sure what the future holds so i make the most of everything i can while some people just take there life for granted without type 1 would i b as strong as i am but without it would my quality of life have been more fun …blessing or curse …

hi, Andrew, there are a lot of members here who look at their diabetes in a really positive way, because it kinda forces you to lead a healthier lifestyle. I am not one of these people. HA! I’m much happier with it ever since I found TuDiabetes, though. Here is a discussion that had a lot of replies about the subject.

Hey there,
I can totally get what you’re saying, I reckon I am a survivor and a fighter and I have learned that you gotta push on through, I have had plenty of Cr*p to deal with, in fact still do, but perhaps the T1 has, in it’s own twisted way, made me stronger and more patient and definitely more determined to get what I want in spite of it.