Is it a weakness to admit to being weak?


Yes I suspect it could be as simpal as that…


Thank you guys for all the kind words. Your stories are an inspiration and I thank you all for that. I honestly feel better already as I’ve taken it upon myself to really turn things around and I’m already seeing results.


Hi @Asma,

Firstly, don’t compare yourself to others. You are your own unique, wonderful person. I’m sure that those other T1Ds have their own struggles. You probably just don’t see them, or they don’t show it in public. If anybody said diabetes was easy all of the time, they’d be lying.

Secondly, don’t think of those setbacks as defeat. Think of it as knowledge you’ve gained that you can apply to the situation next time to ensure you won’t have a setback again.

Best of luck.



I was searching for anything related to elavil and saw your post. I have been prescribed a low dose of elavil for migraine headaches but struggle with taking it because of the dependency issue and I’m afraid I won’t be able to get off of it. Any advice? I’m on 15mg nightly. I’m also worried about weight gain and insulin resistance.


If your migraines are bad and nothing else helps then you may want to stay on it. It is not addictive but if you reduce it or stop, do it very slowly. I do believe it messed up my whole metabolism and affected my digestion even more though so I would not have taken it had I known what the long term effects would be etc. things were going on with my thyroid long before that on and off. I took it for severe chronic pain from injuries and fybromyalgia but I also have migraines. The things that worked best for migraines were painkillers if they weren’t too bad, eating sugar and imitrex. Imitrex was the only thing that knocked out a long, bad migraine. I can’t take it now due to having had a dvt so I take a big gun pain pill and that seems to work well if I lie down and do nothing etc. I had one very severe one 2-3 months ago where that worked. It was so bad I thought I might be at the er. But it was more like a cluster headache.