Is it diabetes or a food allergy/intolerance?

5-10 minutes after eating wheat toast in the morning the palms of my hands get slightly red and thick and I get itchy sensations on my scalp, side of my upper arms, side of my lower arms, knee caps, around my eyes and forehead area, back, the top of my feet, private area, …; chapped lips or as if I’ve sucked on a mint/lemon; eyes get dry or it feels like I have sand in my eyes; …

I just want to lay in bed and sink into my mind when this happens during the day because I feel so irritated. But I don’t nap because if I take a nap I wake up feeling like death from the sleep inertia, so I just sit upright in my bed and sink into my mind like a type of depression. Then sometimes when laying for too long like this I get this nasty inner feeling that’s hard to explain. It’s partly the sleep inertia but also this sickly feeling or heartburn feeling. I also get up to go to the bathroom a lot if I drank coffee that morning, but it’s mostly small drips as if I spaced out 1 regular pee sessions with like 5 very small pee sessions. I don’t feel thirsty, but I just drink water out of habit to wet my lips.

When I sometimes eat in the evening before going to bed I now wake up with skin indentations on my arms and even face from my bed’s sheets. Mast cell activation?

This happens when I even eat a handful of peanuts or even eggs. But with those I also develop a slight sore throat. The worse reaction I ever had is when I tried eating kale or when I took a methylfolate supplement. I woke up in the morning in a state of panic and it felt like my lips or tongue were becoming swollen or as if I had ants under my skin. I had so many skin indentations on my arms, face, and chest from my bed sheets and my airways and nose felt like I was breathing fire during the night . I just took a Benadryl pill and walked around my room until I grounded myself mentally. My eyes were also very red and dry that morning.

I always feel too like a jump rope or jogging session and/or a cold shower is the solution.

edit- I jogged for 30 minutes and did 7 minutes of jump rope and took a cold shower and feel better, but the itchiness is still there. The palms of my hands still feel thick.

Sounds like you need a physical where they will run a bunch of tests on your blood, urine, etc. and then armed with some solid data and feedback from the doctor you can go from there. Otherwise you could just be playing a very lengthy game of possibilities where you may or may not ever figure out your issue(s)


It definitely sounds like you need to describe your symptoms to a doctor.

True food allergies are serious and what may be a mild reaction one day can become a life-threatening reaction the next. So if a food is consistently causing symptoms like itching and swelling shortly after eating it, I’d avoid that food until you can discuss things with a doctor.

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get W/u to parse apart the details. It might be that a Rheumi is appropriate over Internal Med. You still need an endo and get allergy testing including for food. It’s generally a waste of time but it might not be in limited cases.

DM is not a food allergy but is an autoimmune disease. A lot of things can be going on in your case. Curious about your ANA comp panel and pattern. That means anticentromere B antibodies; anti-dsDNA; antichromatin antibodies; anti-Jo-1; RNP antibodies; antiscleroderma 70 antibodies; Smith antibodies; Sjögren anti-SS-A; Sjögren anti-SS-B. I assure you that all out of the scope of the internal med guy, not of much interest to the endo, and fully within the eval from the rheumi. That plus a CMP and CBC/Diff and you’ll get far combined with physical exam and Hx.

It’s impossible to predict or diagnose here.

Welcome to TUD, @stonestatue!

Like other members are saying you can’t look to a site like this for a real diagnosis. FWIW I don’t think any of the symptoms you list are suggestive of diabetes, but it’s certainly possible there is some other metabolic issue going on. Only way to find out is to see your doctor.

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Sounds in many respects like it could be mast cell activation disorder, but you really need to see a doctor to evaluate it and also to consider whether it could be a food allergy with potential for anaphylaxis like @Jen is talking about. If it’s going to be a while before you can get in to an allergist though, you might try eating low histamine to see if that helps (which would eliminate gluten, aged foods of all kinds (e.g., aged/cured meats, aged cheese, vinegar, pickled anything), peanuts and nuts, tomatoes, avocados, strawberries, citrus, many (but not all) spices, and other foods. It sucks, but can make a huge difference. I’ve found through trial and error that I can tolerate some histamine containing/inducing foods better than others though, especially once I dramatically reduced my overall amount and did a very strict restriction diet for about a month. I also take a couple of types of antihistamines regularly.

For whatever it’s worth, I saw rheumatologists many times and had all that testing done with nothing but a positive ANA (which means nothing on its own) and no help whatsoever. In my experience, rheumatologists won’t know what to do with mast cell activation disorder if it is that; you’ll want an allergist, ideally one who knows that particular issue, if it is.

Type. 1 is an autoimmune disease ,type 2 is not. Just to clarify. I would start with your. Family physician be it GP, internal medicine physician or other. They have the power for history and referrals. IMO. Nancy50