Is it just me?

Two years ago I started getting very sick. I had lost 60lbs, couldn’t stand up longer than 2 mins without passing out, my hair was thinning, was no longer feeling lows, etc., etc. I was starting to look and feel like a dying person. Doctors had no answers for me. They knew something was wrong but after tons of tests had no solid answers for me. I ended up losing my job and was terrified to leave my house as I would never know if my sugar was going to drop or I was going to pass out from low blood pressure. It got so bad. I’d eat noting but sweets and still couldn’t keep my sugars up. I’d test, be fine and then 20 minutes later be convulsing on the floor. Suddenly all of the signals I had depended on for so long to let me know I was dropping were gone, completely.
One afternoon I left to run some errands. I was feeling good that day.