Is it me

I have noticed many doctors or so called specialists especially the eye one's tend to treat me as if I was not there it is difficult to put into words but I often get the feeling they would like to be somewhere else take my last visit to the eye clinic at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

My appointment was for 3.20pm my wife and I arrived at 3pm always the chance they might see you earlier than your appointment, silly to think that way they never do, I had drops put into my eyes at 335pm then had to sit and wait to with 10 other folks until the doctor called my name it was 3.50pm when I sat down for the examinationhe read my notes he seemed to be a bit confussed as to why I was there, I told him the previous eye test showed a tear on my retina well that is what I was told.

After 10 minutes of testing he sat back and said there are some blisters but I see them in about 15% of patients no need for further investigations so I am going to discharge you from the clinic, and that was IT no explanation of what the blisters were if they would get worse in fact he could not get rid of us quick enough.

After worrying since my last eye test 2 months ago there was nothing to worry about, is it me am I being too critical or is the impression I get that being over 60 diabetic and a heart failure patient I should not be bothering them.

You hear a lot about the NHS and I have been grateful for the treatment I get but come on let's have a bit more understanding at times I get very worried about what is going to happen to me as the years move on, I know doctors/specialists have it tough on £100.000 or more each year and all the perks that go with it so when they see an old fart like me not working and struggling on £5000 a year you could see where they are coming from is age discrimination rife in the NHS you tell me if nothing else at least pretend you care for we older folks

He sounds like a poop!

Drs. are worn out from too many Patients in most countries. Their Patient load is overfull so they don’t take as much time with Patients, as they used to. There have been People aged 15 to 80 on Diabetes Communities, complaining about their Drs.

Although most Drs. give Good Patient care, there will always be that small percentage of consistantly not so Nice ones. I’ve dropped a few through the years myself and then I chose better ones. You know, maybe you should take someone with you who can speak up for you and who could ask questions of the Dr. Then they can verify that they understood the Drs. explanation, the same way you did.

Ray, I’ve had diabetic retinopathy for more than 20 years, so I’ve seen my share of eye doctors and retina specialists. I also have glaucoma, so I have to see a regular eye doctor 4 times a year. I don’t know why, but it seems to be a specialty that attracts doctors with the worst bed side manner. I have been seeing a retina guy for 5 years now here in New Jersey, and I finally got him to crack a smile at my last visit. I always am prepared to wait at least two hours. I find if you make your appointment at the very end of the day, they have gotten caught up, and I have the least waiting time. sorry you had this experience!