Is it normal to have at least one reading of 70 or below a day?

I am a Type 1 diabetic for about 4 months. And I always have a 70 or below reading once a day. Is that normal? Here is an average day for me. Am I bolusing too much or basaling to much?

Wake up 7am - 80

Breakfast 7:30am

Check sugars 9am - 140

Check sugars 10am - 60

Have a snack

Check sugars 12pm-100

Eat Lunch 1pm

Check sugars 2:30pm-120

Check sugars 4pm - 65

Have snack

Pre dinner 6pm- 90

Have dinner

Check sugars 8pm - 80

Check sugars 10pm - 90

looks like you have more than one. Does it happen the same time everyday or no?

What are you eating for breakfast and lunch? YOu may need to mix the meals up - meaning fat, carbs and protein together in a meal - this helps in avoiding lows after meals, especially if lots of carbs are eaten. You may also need to back off on your Insulin to carb ratios. Youe should talk to your endo about this however. I am no expert. YDMV (your diabetes may vary). Also- is it after any exercise at all? Hello fellow Long Islander!

Yeah pretty much same time everyday. 3 hours after breakfast and 3 hours after lunch.

your basal may be combining with your lunch bolus some and that may be sending your BG lower, or you may need to back off your I:C ratio a bit. I recall you saying that you had a 1:6 ratio in another post. It looks like you may be tackling lunch and breakfast a little too agressively. You may check with your endo to see for sure. Dinner seems fine, so you may have some increased insulin resistance or something similar at night by dinner time. It seems like your right on the money there though. Ask the doc though, as thats the only way to know for sure…

Does your activity change during those periods? Are you on a Pump or shots?

my ratio is about 12:1 but i have way more protein at dinner than other meals

Oh okay. And the protien breaking down (to some degree) into carbs is probably whats keeping you from being low at 2hrs after dinner. It sounds like you may need a small snack an hour after meal (an apple or orange…something small) to keep your BG from dropping too aggresively. Also like Dargirl posted, excercise will play into it as well. Maybe…just for a day, back off the insulin slightly (if it suggests 6U foor your bolus for example), try 5.5, and see how it does. That or the small snack should help keep things on an even keel.

No mostly just sitting at my desk at work. I am on the omnipod.

Hi Rich,

If this is a consistent pattern, it’s either that your dose is a bit too high, or your bolus timing for lunch & breakfast may be off. The general guideline of bolusing 15 minutes before meals doesn’t work for everyone. It’s better to adjust insulin then eat to feed the insulin. Takes experimenting. You could try taking the bolus a bit earlier.

When I was using Lantus, I had afternoon lows when the Lantus peaked. Since changing to Levemir this doesn’t happen any more.

Just saw this discussion – I had A LOT more lows while I was honeymooning. They became less frequent when the honeymoon is over. Your body may be producing insulin to counteract post meal highs and it is “overdoing” it given that you still have injected insulin bringing your numbers down.

This was the one good thing about ending the honeymoon: I had fewer lows.

True True -