Is it okay to have small piece of sweet juices and cola drinks and other beverages occasionally


I am a type II diabetic from new delhi, India for the past 15 years and my age is 53 years. my job involves lot of traveling and public relations and usually stressful as there are target to meet daily. we have a long week end sat/sunday as holidays.

i am ondinsulin and tablets; during day i take Amayrl and some other tablets and during night 22 points of insulin solostar in the night before dinner.

Though I am taking insulin I do not look tired or look like diabetic of sick person; due to sugar pp level 220 my doctor has advised me not to discontinue Insulin; but insulin some times give a low feeling but i cannot say it could depression.

my query:- I usually avoid sweets as far as possible but when I see people eating sweets/or crossing the sweet shops i get tempted and by sweets for family and children ( so that I can also get my share (!). your comments. to avoid such temptation.

I would advise you to turn the question around and ask what is your blood sugar control goal. Many of us try to keep our readings after meal much lower than 220 mg/dl, I try to attain 140 mg/dl. Once you set your personal goal, then you can determine what you can tolerate eating while still achieving that goal. Unfortunately, we are diabetic, so you are unlikely to ever be able to eat as though you didn't have diabetes. Many of us find we can fit in a small piece of a favored dessert. But drinking fruit juices or non diet cola drinks is often just no practical. It is far better to have a small portion of something you really enjoy rather than wasting your limited carb budget on a oversweetened soda.

I agree with both Sally and Brian. Although, I am concerned that you have a cloudy picture of what a diabetic is. We do not look tired or sick. In fact, if you saw most of us in public, you wouldn't know we had Diabetes. Please be cautious when making these broad brush stroke statements.

Moving on, it sounds like you could benefit from the insulin. Your doctor and his/her team are your best advocates when developing a plan for your care. Work together with them and they will guide you in the right direction. It can be frightening at times. Check in with our chat room. We love new members! There are several people in chat that can help with your concerns/questions.

Good Luck Jay!

You have some good answers for your question. I agree that you might want to check into mealtime insulin and get off the tablets,220 pp is way too high, especially since you are starting to have some complications. You do want to prevent going over 140 as much as possible. As for food, we all have to work out what works for us, both sweets and high carbs can make our blood sugar spike. Do you test two hours after eating? You can do something called "eat to your meter" which means try eating a favorite food and then test in two hours. If you are high every time you do this you will know that you should not eat that food, or eat it rarely. Perhaps you could try a smaller serving of that food.

There is no reason to feel or look sick as a diabetic. I am older than you and a Type 1 and I feel fine. But consistently high blood sugars will cause you to feel tired and will give you complications that could be severe. I would make getting on mealtime insulin and getting your numbers down a priority! Welcome to TuD, by the way.There is a very nice young man named Chadha on this board who is also from Delhi and you might want to connect with him.