Is it possible that injections can make you more "twitchy"?

I use “twitchy” in lack of a better word. I’m not really sure how to describe the feeling. But I am off my pump for a while and I feel more shaky and have had a few muscle spasms. I know this could be caused by some other aspect in my life, but I was just wondering if there could be any correlation. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes when I get really low, my legs will get extremely wobbly? I don’t notice it being different than shots but I only shot R and N.

Are you giving the correct doses of insulin? When to do the shakey feelings start? At injection? After injection?

I always feel a bit anxious when I am doing them - more to do with getting the right injection in the right place without moving, thereby bending the needle, which I have done on occassion, though thankfully I have not broken it. I usually have to tell my mother not to shout for me (she is like a fishwife!) while I am doing injections. She generally forgets! But I am not that anxious about it that I shake or twitch.

I wonder if you have another kind of problem. It would be worth getting yourself checked out perhaps with a neurologist (a doctor that deals with nerves and muscles, not your mind!)

Meanwhile, prepare your injection, take a few breathes in through your nose, hold it and then let them out through your mouth slowly in order to get yourself a bit relaxed - and keep breathing through the injection! I used to forget to breathe until the needle was out - about 12 seconds, and that could make me a bit dizzy!

I haven’t heard that description before regarding injections. I doubt that is the problem. Perhaps it is the Insulin or as you mentioned something else in your Life. Sometimes People become allergic to an Insulin or other meds that they have used for years. As mentioned, lows can cause shaking in different parts of the body even when sitting or lying down. Don’t forget that the meters and CGMs are not as accurate as we would like them to be somtimes.

As far as the muscle spasms, that is common. Some Folks are low on Potassium or Magnesium. Occasionally Stress can cause spasms or from a prior injury that didn’t heal properly, or a symptom of a totally different condition, etc. I hope that you find your answer.

I’m on MDI & don’t have spasms or feel shaky (unless it’s shaky from a low). I used to have excruicating leg cramps, but taking magnesium solved that. Is feeling twitchy like anxiety?

i always feel kind of weird when i go off my pump onto shots too my numbers seem to be fine i just feel slightly strange, i’ve never gotten any kind of an explanation from any of my docs :frowning: