Is it possible to draw insulin out of a pen into a regular syringe to get half units?

hello again! i am having some problems here with exercising. it seems that if i take my regular dose (1 unit for about 25-30 grams carb, depending on what my brave little pancreas can do on the day), wait four hours till there is no iob and then exercise, i am plummeting. went down to 40 yesterday during a run after like 25 minutes. i started out at 110. i think part of the problem is that my pancreas is still working in fits and starts so im thinking there is no iob but maybe im wrong?

i know i could eat more but im going to the doc on fri for a scrip and thought maybe she could give me syringes and i could measure out just what i need from the pen, like half a unit if im going to exercise instead of a full one. i mean, we stick needle after needle in there...would there be any difference sticking one in and drawing some insulin out with a syringe? has anyone ever done this with the orange novorapid pens?

if the only answer is eat more, what are some things you people eat before physical activity? i had planned for a nice hour run. maybe a couple of squares of dark chocolate? its got some fat, 7 grams of carbs, so should keep me goin?

I have used syringes on the orange novorapid pen without any bother. I hope it works for you. I only did it for a while because I prefer to use syringes the whole time rather than the pens.

are the needles on the syringes as small as on the pens? this idea kind of grosses me out but i guess ill get used to it. the length, i mean.

The syringes I use are 0.5ml/cc, longer than that in the pen but it seemed to be fine. I wouldn#t take my word on it for this to be a good idea, I just used it when I didn#t have the bottles of Novorapid in the fridge. Could the doctor sort you out with some Novorapid vials, they last quite a bit longer too.

Hi pancreaswanted. It is absolutely possible to use 1/2 unit syringes on a pen. (I prefer to take my Levemir in a pen and my Apidra in a vial since there is much less chance of confusing the two.) I need my largest dose of Levemir at night; also 1 1/2 units at 7:30 AM and another 1 1/2 units at 2:30 PM. I use the 1/2 unit syringes on both the pen and vial. If I had to always use whole units for either the pen or vial, I'd be in a lot of trouble.

I take my shots in the kitchen next to a sink with a light over it. I hold up the syringe to the light and measure v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. I am so sensitive to basal insulin that I get awful lows when it peaks if I take even a half unit too much.

thanks for the info trudy. this honeymoon is very back and forth lateley and it s making me afraid to do anything! everytime i turn around im high or low or high low...when i see my doc tomorrow ill ask her for some syringes. dont know if ill get them as spains health system is in crisis and theyre being really cheap with everything...
i think one happy diabetic does some how to shoot up insulin on you tube.

shawnmarie, i tried going higher before exercise and it worked a treat. not low!! or high!! body behaving itself today!! going to try tomorrow morning. no insulin, do i dare?? is your honeymoon this variable? im about nine months in and it used to need some fine tuning every three months or soo, now its like every other week!
ill post in the tud about what people eat. today i had a slice of toast and butter(lush) and a square of dark chocolate. perfect for 30 minutes of kettlebell and an hour walk. i may try a run at the weekend.

omg just squeezed out a unit in a saucer and it is nothing! amazing that this droplet of smelly stuff keeps us alive!

When I was on MDI I used pens, so it wasn't until I actually got on the pump that I started having syringes as my back-up method. I was shocked at how hard to see and how inexact the whole "on the line" dosing is! I further see that when I fill the cartridge for my pump and pick a number "on a line" and then see the actual result is "somewhere in the vicinity! Yikes! (Though the cartridge number doesn't need to be exact) Course I just blindly trusted the pens to be accurate!

I requested a kiddy pen from my endo. in order to be able to dose half units when on MDI.
I used the Novopen Jr, which uses cartridges and the standard pen needles.

This pen can deliver 1, 1.5 ... etc units.

BUT the minimum dose is 1.

Depending on what insulin you are using there are pens that deliver half units. Novo Nordisk has them - ask for the kids pens. Novopen echo is what we have used, it also has a memory feature which is useful as it records the last dose delivered and how long ago it was delivered.

Not exactly, I use that pen too.
It' is "certified" from 1U and up (1 - 1.5 - 2 ..)
If you dose 0.5 only it could be 0.3 as well as 0.8 ... And that pen is low pressure too, so your chance to miss tha 0,5 is high.
I used syringes to draw insulin out of a pen, the only drawback is that you have to remember to put out air the next time you use the pen, before dosing your bolus.
If you need precision, you could dilute insulin in the syringe using dilution for injections (not saline liquid).
You draw 2 units of insulin and 8 of solution and each unit you take has 1/5 of unit of insulin.
Just dilute few hours before use, not too much before (for stability and infection risk issues). Diluted insulin seems to act a little faster and fade away faster, but it's ok.

Yes, I edited my post and corrected it a few minutes after I posted.