Is it safe if insulin pump passes through scanners?

Yep Capin101, that's why I don't put my pump through that stuff. In my travels I notice the folks who get pulled aside for further investigations are the ones who make a scene of the whole thing. I don't argue with someone who can force me to remove my pump, much less my clothing, and so far I just roll on through. I simply don't make an issue and so don't experience any in turn.

And at rick, good for you for just rolling along. The TSA would rather have you get on through without incident. LOL, my carry on has had more scrutiny than my body a time or two!!

I get pat downs all the time, at the sport arena and fields they do a quick once over and look in your purse. At the concerts, even a small venue they do a pat down and a bag and pocket search. I got away bringing some pretzel nibs in my pocket once (no food allowed to be brought in) because I was honest and smiled when asked about them. Oh and I offered one to the doorperson. LOL - I promised not to throw them at the stage or get crumbs on the floor and sailed right in.

I go through full body scanners with my omnipod, and send the PDM through the X ray machines. No issues.

I get patted down every time now. Medtronic says that the standard magnetometers are just as bad as xrays and the full body scanners. I had a pump fail the day after walking through one but who knows what the cause was. Medtronic told me not to do it again, If I was headed out instead of heading home it could have been a catastrophe.

Truth be known if you don't mind the pat down, then suggest doing it, besides they let you cut the entire line if you tell them ahead of time that you wont be getting scanned

I always get a pat down. I have a medtronic and don't want my warranty to be voided, but even if I had an omnipod, I would not take the chance with something so important. Once or twice I had a TSA employee try to convince me to go through the body scanners, but in general they have been very nice about it. I have found that since I am nice about it (I know they are just doing their jobs), they will be nice about it too.

I've had my Accucheck Spirit on through four different airports and I went through the scanner every time with no problems. It didn't even occur to me not to do that (although maybe it should have) until the fourth airport, Fort Lauderdale, where I got to look like a terrorist and got the explosives swab and a pat down.

I also chock the warnings up to an abundance of caution from lack of testing or desire for liability. They advertise that these things are suited for daily life: good underwater, can get smacked around as daily life dictates, you can wear them while playing sports or on roller coasters... but a body scan will make them an expensive paperweight?

The T:slim should not be exposed to any kind of X-Ray. The pump is not capable of handling MR interference. If you choose to ignore this manufacturer warning, you risk damage to your pump and a voided warranty!

I thought this was overkill too until I went through the full body scanner and within a week, my sugars were all over the place. I couldn’t manage to regain control. My doctor finally asked, have you travelled recently and did your pump go through the full-body scanner? Why, yes I did because the TSA agent (clearly trained in diabetes management) told me I was safe to go through. I then needed to obtain a brand new pump and as you’re aware, there are no coupon codes to make the purchase easier.

There are many legitimate stories of people losing control of their sugar levels and even going to the hospital after going through a full body scanner or X-ray machine while attached to their pump. Just google it. I just wouldn’t risk it.

However, TSA agents should never claim to know anything about diabetes or insulin pumps. It is mind-boggling that they are constantly suggesting what you should do with your medical, life-saving device.

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