Is it tinnitus, or is the CGM alarm going off?

I occasionally suffer from tinnitus – not uncommon in a woman of my age. But lately, the ringing in my ears is a different kind. I’ve apparently become attuned to the sound of Eric’s CGM, such that I can hear the dang thing even when I’m several rooms away, or when he’s on the other side of our farm (a distance of almost 2 acres!) And I kid you not, when I get an episode of tinnitus that is in the same frequency as the CGM alarm… I’m sure it’s pretty comical, because even when Eric is not in the same building I’m in (for instance, when I’m at work), I reflexively jump to my feet and start to go in search of my child and his beeping insulin pump. The other day, I had a moment of tinnitus while I was distracted by a matter at work and said aloud, “Hang on a minute honey, Mommy’s coming…” before realizing that I was at work, that my son was 15 miles away at his daycare, and that the sound in my ears was NOT his CGM, it was tinnitus. Thankfully, none of my coworkers happened to be in their cubicles, so no one was present to hear me and imagine I was losing my mind!

Oy, that made me laugh! :slight_smile: A friend of mine made her cell phone ring to be like a motorcycle, and since she’s an avid biker, whenever it rings, she’s looking around for where the bike is and it never occurs to her that it’s her phone! :slight_smile:
As for me, I often don’t hear my pump beeping, and one of my friends has taken to telling me “Harriet’s paging you!” I also remember frequently hearing my son crying when I was in the shower, when he actually never cried at all.

I have this theory that you develop “mommy ears” and you hear all kinds of things that aren’t there. I don’t even think it’s the tinnitus!

Well, then you’ll love this one – I woke abruptly at 6 a.m. thinking I heard Eric’s CGM beeping. Halfway to his bedroom, I remembered that late last night, I’d removed the sensor because I’d gotten a “bad sensor” error, and I had not replaced it then because I figured it would be better to just wait till morning, rather than try to do it in the middle of the night (and then have to measure his BG at 2 a.m.) But, since I was up, I decided I’d at least put the EMLA cream on him to start the new sensor site. And, as long as I was messing with him, I took his BG. He was high – high enough that if he HAD had the CGM in, it WOULD have been beeping.

If I thought my “mommy CGM-sense” was reliable, it would save me a fair bit of money and energy to rely on it in place of his sensor. :slight_smile: