Is it true that OmniPod causes less scar tissue?

I´m one of those pumpers who struggles with what I believe is scar tissue (really tough skin and bad absorption). I have better luck with steel cannulas, but are running out of sites to put them.

Question is if OmniPod really is easier on the tissue and/or if it´s just that you have more sites to use. Or maybe both?

I used the OmniPod for five months a few years back. With its ability to deploy the insertion needle with the hand held personal data manager, it made it possible for me to use sites like the sides of my lower back. I didn’t find that the pod itself caused any less scarring. Since I returned to a tubed pump I discovered I could access these same sites with the auto-inserting Insets. I can now quickly connect the infusion set to the site hub dependably by feel.