Is it worth it to buy the omnipod without insurance?

thank you! :slight_smile:

Ryan…two thoughts. If you choose a pump and down the road cannot afford it, could you not always just switch to whatever your school health center supplies? Also, I am thinking that one of these companies offers supplies at a reduced cost for those without insurance or perhaps for students. It seems that there is so much help out there if we can find it.
Good luck to you…keep us posted.

Sounds good to me we cant even get them here in Holland europe…so go for it then…confront your insurance later…

If it were me I would go with a tubed pump unless I expected to get insurance coverage within 2 years. Omni is cheaper up front but you hit the break even point vs tubed pump at around the 19 month mark.

Good luck!

trust me, those little issues are not pump brand/manufacturer specific. Its across the board!

If the pods cost $30 bucks a piece and you change them every three days, that’s $3650 per year, so in less that two years you will have paid for a pump. That is how Omnipod gets you. Less start up cost but over the length of time it will cost you more. Remember it costs $1000 I believe you said for the starter kit.

I train people on all the pumps and they will all spend approx. 3 hours or so on the first training and then will follow up with you as you feel you need. Some go faster and some will require quite a bit more. Most pump companies will give their consultants guidelines on how much they will reimburse for. It is usually around 4-6 hours worth of training.

Also as other people mentioned I would see if you can call the companies to see if they will help you out. I know for a fact Animas will provide assistance. Not for sure but I have heard Medtronic won’t and am not sure about Omni. Just get the 1-800 numbers and start pounding down their door. The worst they can do is say no!

Heye, great news finn s got his Omnipod working, started this morning around 11 this morning, but he want s to change to around 8 o clock in the evening, but he heard it works for 72 hours can one change the pod after say 62 hours?


If you get a minimed pump, they are good at working with you to set up a payment plan. I’ve had to do that twice now. Minimed is much cheaper for supplies than the omnipod.

You can, or you can also change it after 80 hours… you get an extra 8 hours until the pod shuts down :slight_smile:

So you could push this one until it completely shuts down, then change, and only need to push it an extra hour the next time. Or you could change a day early if you prefer.

80 hours is the maximum?


Hi anyone,

lately the pod on the arm is starting to leak a little , does the canula need to be on top or bottom?
any one know a trick?


The canula should be on top.

I'm not sure how that would affect any leaking though. Do you mean the pod itself is leaking or it is leaking from the insertion site. I've only noticed some leaking at the insertion site if the pod gets bumped pretty hard or the adhesive is loose and starts pulling off. The pod seems most susceptible to these issues when it's on my arm. Other places I haven't had this problem.

BTW, you probably should have started a new thread for this question instead of burying it in this one.

I would also advise checking out like Liberty Medical Supplies, they supply for pumps, and that's who my insurnace contracts with to get Pump supplies versus the manufacture, simply because of lower costs. While it might still be a high price, I'd at least compare what Liberty's costs for pump supplies are out of pocket versus any of the other pump companies. I have a Medtronic, and I just love mine. I think too, Omnipod might have cheaper start up costs, but I think the overall costs kinda get you in the end, but you have to do the math, and look at your budget and see what works best for you. Just thought I'd give you another place to compare prices at.