Is my infusion site pain an allergy?

How do you tell if infusion site pain is an allergy to the site?

I’ve got some other health stuff going on right now and my whole body is really tender/sore(and my pain threshold is low anyway), ‘seasonal’ allergies are terrible, and my dermatographia is really bad.

No matter where I put it(I’ve rotated legs, backside, and stomach the last few times), it hurts constantly. It’s time to pump supplies again next week, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try TruSteel instead of AutoSoft XC.


You could call Tandem support and ask for samples of the steel sets.

I just switched to Tandem, and find the XC sites a bit itchy, compared to Medtronics. But tolerable. I have tried both 6 and 9 mm, and 6 works better.

I think there is a spray or wipe that could be used as a barrier, but have not tried it.

I had something similar happened to me recently. My stomach is fine but anywhere else like my buttocks, lower back, thighs (in particular), would swell up and turn red and start itching and become sore. I would feel the cannula constantly (whereas on my tummy most of the time I don’t even know it’s there). I did try the trusteel but it didn’t really make much of a difference (but no harm for you to try as you may have a different result) - but note that the trusteel has a suggested life of 2 days while the others are 3 days. The only thing that made it slightly better was a few people suggested putting down a tape (like IV3000 or tegaderm) on your skin before putting on the cannula. I find there is less irritation that way. Now I can tolerate it on my lower back and buttocks… my thighs are still a no go zone and I have no idea why.

Lets see a pic

If its always painful, you prob gotta move to steel

I contacted my local pump company rep and asked her, and she double-checked with their clinical manager. Due to my intolerance to other metals, they recommended that I not wear the TruSteel sites.

They sent me some AutoSoft 30s to try, and while I still have some irritation, it is much better, because with the canula inserted at a 30 degree angle, instead of straight in, when the site becomes irritated I don’t get more extreme ‘thumb tack’ pain from the canula. Hopefully that makes sense and helps someone else :slight_smile:

You can also try to put down take like uv300 before you insert the set. It will keep adhesive from moving down the cannula.
I used to think I was allergic to the cannulas but it turns out it was the adhesive.

This is excellent advice. I actually tried putting the UV3000 under the site a few months ago, and it has made a huge difference.