Is my insulin okay?

I needed a correction shot of Humalog and went into the hospital staff bathroom to give it. (My husband is in ICU but getting better.). I stuffed the pen back in my jeans pocket, got distracted, and left it in there for about an hour before I remembered so it got pretty warm. Is it still going to be effective or have I ruined it? Thanks!

I wouldn’t worry about it, I’ve walked around for days with an insulin pen in my pocket and never noticed any reduced effectiveness

That’s good to know, thanks!

Those of us with pumps wear them in our pocket for days at a time (including under warm covers in bed) and the insulin is fine. I hope your husband gets out of the hospital soon!

my is fine, & i sleep with a big Comforter, & 2 more Blankets. hope yours husband gets out of the hospital !.

Well, I learned something new for sure, @Jen and @erice! :grinning:

And thanks for your good wishes for my husband.