Is my symlin lowering or maintaining my numbers?

i should probably know the answer to this by now since i have been using symlin for a few months. it works great for me, i take it pre meal about fifteen minutes, sometimes less, but i am noticing that if my number is on the higher side and symlin is taken, it sort of remains high for a few hours. wondering if the symlin is only maintaining my numbers, no matter what they are. for example this morning i was 212, i ate eggwhites and some spinach…took 2 units to correct, and my symlin (on highest dose now). 3 hours later i am 236. any ideas?

I’ve been taking symilin since September, at first it was prescribed for me to take it before each meal but that didn’t work for me because I noticed that it cause me to feel extremely tired and bloated and I would then suffer a low randomly when I would least expect it .Therefor i have continued to use similin but only before dinner that way when it begins to make me feel tired that’s ok because it’s night time anyway.I also noticed that when I used it before each meal I would start to notice changes in my mood where I would just feel
Down and last but not least I have noticed that similin deffinety helps with my appetite by making me want to eat less however since September I have gained eight pounds and all I do is count calories carbs and workout at least 3 to 5 days a week and all I do is lose 5 lbs and then gain 5 lbs it is so frustrating because the main reason why I was put on similin in the first place was so that it could possibly help me lose the 50pounds that I had gained when I was pregnant

interesting, it seems to play different roles in everyones daily routine. i have lost 20 pounds since starting symlin, but that is also because i extremely changed my diet and exercise schedule. i do enjoy it, i feel that most times it works and keeps me at a stable number, but other times i feel like it has zero affect. it really is a day by day thing, just like the rest of the illness, it is hard to predict!! just gotta stay positive.

What kind of diet has worked to help you both lose weight and still manage to control your diabetes and how old were you when you were first diagnosed I was 10 I am going to be 32 next week

Andrea: Let me know if you find a solution. I’m on the pump and sometimes when I correct I get the same results you are having. very frustrating. When you think you are figuring out things a curveball seems to come out of nowhere…

i was 10 also! i follow a very low carb diet, my only carbs come from non starchy veggies. it has become mostly vegan at this point but still very low carb. i was following the dr. bernstein diet when to lose the first few pounds. research him if you have not already.

i will let you know!

To lower bg’s like in your example I think you have to look to insulin.

Type 1, right?

Symlin may lower required insulin doses but by no means is it a replacement nor does it eliminate the need to adjust insulin doses. In fact from the T1’s I’ve talked to using Symlin, insulin doses become even more critical in terms of minor adjustments at the half-unit level.