Is t:slim the only pump with a Quick Bolus feature?

Quick Bolus: The ability to bolus without taking out your pump to look at it.

The t:slim allows you to enter in either # of units, or # of carbs by just pressing the side button in a sequence of safety steps. I use this feature almost all the time and I love it. It’s very discrete.

But do the other pumps have this feature?


the accu-chek Spirit has this, I press the side up button on the right, and then press the side down button on the right one, each press is a .5 increment bolus. i use this all the time

MM pumps have “EASY BOLUS”. That’s what I use 99% of the time.

How does Easy Bolus work?

MM Easy Bolus

press the B button and it will either show or request the last glucose reading and you go from there, or pressing B button 2 times it will go to a bolus screen where you can input the bolus

Just press the up arrow and it will increase by a previous selected increment. Next press ACT button and it will vibrate for each increment. Finally press ACT again and it will deliver the insulin.

So I have my increment set at .5 unit. If I want to deliver 2 units of insulin I press the up arrow 4 times and then press ACT. The pump will vibrate 4 times( once for each increment) to confirm the dossage of 2 units. I press ACT again to deliver the insulin.

Steve, I think you aren’t understanding EASY BOLUS. You use the UP ARROW to increment your bolus. I was not referring to any of the other methods of bolusing with a MM pump. You don’t touch the B button for EASY BOLUS.

Animas pumps also have it. It is called an Audio Bolus (although I have mine set on vibrate). Like a couple of others, I have my increment at .5 units. I find this bolus klutzier on my Animas pumps than I did on my Medtronic pumps, but I do use it occasionally.

Thanks everyone. The reason I posted this is because I recently spoke to Omnipod about their system and how it works, etc. I mentioned that I can “quick bolus” on my t:slim without pulling my pump out of my pocket and they looked at me like I had 2 heads. They had no idea what this was. So, as you have inferred, the omnipod has no quick bolus feature at all. You always have to pull out the PDM controller to bolus. Thats a big negative in my book.

It’s good to know that other pumps have this feature if I decide to change.

Thanks again!

FWIW, you can also press the down button first, then the up for the 0.5U increments. I do it this way so I can save a bit on the battery since pressing the up also turns on the backlight.

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what makes this and “easy bolus?” it sounds like as much work to do than if i were to just go into my main screen and give myself an extra bolus.

OK…not sure how you bolus.

i use the MEDTRONIC Paradym. (or however you spell it) to bolus, i enter my BG and my carbs, and there is a feature called the bolus “wizard” which takes into account everything from I:C ratios, I:S, IOB…and then it decides for you how much insulin you need to bolus. (this amount can be over-rided at any time depending on the many potential variables you feel you might be up against, i.e. trend arrow going up or down on cgm, stress, fat content, etc) then you just press a button to confirm the amount of insulin being delivered, then you press confirm, and then it says the period for when you should recheck your BG (mine is set for 2 1/2 hours after my bolus). and thats it. now, i can over-ride this entire process if i want to by just entering the units of insulin i want based upon my carb count.
but either way, it seems as tedious as the “quick bolus.” i don’t get the difference in time it takes to perform one way or another. could you explain this to me?

very much appreciated.

Daisy Mae

The advantage of an easy bolus is that you can do it without seeing the screen of your pump.

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Follow the steps I described and it will help you understand the difference.

Paradigm. (I have the Spell Checker enabled in Google Chrome).

If you try to use the Easy Bolus on the Medtronic pump but it does not appear to work, you should be aware that it needs to be enabled. The default setting when the pump is shipped is to not have Easy Bolus enabled.

As PhoenixBound has pointed out in the past, a good reason to enable this feature on the Medtronic pumps which has nothing to little to do with bolusing is that it provides a quick & dirty way to peek at your Active Insulin (aka IOB or Insulin On Board).

When it comes to administering a bolus using the Easy Bolus, yes, it can seem a bit convoluted and thus not as easy. But this is intentional. Since the Easy Bolus is intended to allow a way to bolus without actually looking at your pump, it adds extra steps to attempt to confirm that you actually want to perform a bolus and that the correct dose has been set.

If you find another way of bolusing easier, then by all means go with that. The “Easy” in the title is just a manufactured marketing term.

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Thanks, John. it kind of makes sense to me, but i will talk w/ my cde and have her walk me through the function. maybe it will be easier to me after it is explained. we shall see.

I like to Quick Bolus on my Tslim. But is there any way to cancel the quick bolus after it has started ? I have had a couple of occasions where my BG was dropping to fast.