Is that a SNOWMAN creeping up on me

I need an early warning when a hypo is on the way a machine that says blood low do something about it and keeps remind me until I do,after another visit to the Doctors yesterday for gout My Angel took me to lunch in Morrison's while we were waiting for the food to arrive I had a wobbly felt awful and knew a hypo was on the way,at this stage my reasoning goes out of the window I need to get blood sugars up fast otherwise it can be within minutes too nasty to contemplate, now there is a nice word,is there a machine that can pre-warn you about low blood sugars if there is I need one asap.

My hands legs and feet felt so cold I shivered,it is bad enough for me but for others it can be a distressing time my Angel knows the signs better than I do and she soon had me back in the World of the living,for going into a hypo is like watching yourself in a dream hoping you will wake up soon,by the time lunch had arrived My Angel like double sausage eggs and chips,I had to settle for fish chips and mushy peas,mine was nice and My Angel polished hers off and said bye gum lad that was great,no she didn't she said that was very nice, taking a liberty there I was young Jedi.

But to be serious and do not call me Shirley hypo's can be nightmarish,well I find them so,I suppose not going out much this week I had two trips out both to the doctors and that is enough for me like the comfort of my castle, the saying goes an English mans home is his castle,no offence intended to the fairer sex,remembering political correctness at my age is difficult nah lad impossible,go and wash your mouth out with soap and mom has done that to me more than once when I had answered her back.

Still snowing here our grandson Daniel and with a little help from my Angel made a snow man small I admit but you need more snow to build a bigger one