Is that dr right

Hi everyone, just writing about a another bad experience that I had today while visiting with a new md (not an Endo just a regular md) I went to him because of allergies and the rest is history…here goes, he says to me "tell me all the medications that you tAke and I told him 1) insulin pump2)medformon (I was put on this to help with my insulin resistance and also because without it I require more insulin and that’s not a plus when your trying to lose 30lbs) 3)lipitor ( everyone in my family has high cholesterol it’s genetic) well after I told him about these three medications he said " wow you are a young girl ( I’m 32 ) with alot of problems and at that moment I felt so mad because I know that besides being a type 1 diabetic I am in great health I workout 3-5days a week , I don’t smoke ,drink,and have never tried a drug in my life .I attend college and am working on my bachelors degree and I thank the higher power above everyday for my beautiful 4 year old that I was able to bring into this world despite the fact that I’m diabetic and after 22 years of this disease in my body I am complication free .I strongly believe that it is your altitude on life that makes or breaks how you will deal with being a type one diabetic … Yes I do get scared when I think of myself at 50 or older because at that age I will have had diabetes for 40 years but I am the type of person that believes that you need to live for today .long story short this dr said to me wow you may think your in great health but all of this medication that you take tells me something else .I take 3 things does that mean that I’m in bad shape because I require insulin and cholesterol medicine to stay alive ?am I indenial ? Cause if I really think about it I’m only 32 I shouldn’t be worried about dieing from diabetic complications I should be living and creating memerios !

I try to think about both sides of things. Perhaps the doctor is wrong, b/c he only sees the list and doesn’t see that you are taking the meds because of the struggle but, at the same time, you are not Usain Bolt so you could improve? I realize I am not ever going to touch Bolt but the important thing is to keep trying. Generally, one goes to the doctor to “improve” something. I don’t ever stop fiddling around w/ BG/ food/ etc. I think regular exercise of some sort is the best thing that anyone, diabetes or not, can do for themselves so, if you are doing that, I hope you rubbed his nose in it!

I think you have a great attitude, Marie, and you don’t need a doctor like that who is going to (try) and make you feel bad about yourself, seeing just your challenges, instead of how well you deal with them! Kick him to the curb and keep up the good work, girl!

The Dr sounds like an idiot! I was on the same things as you with the exception of medformon. My Doc first saw the list that I am on and asked directly if I had any issues or were these just prevention meds. He saw that my BP was good, my cholesterol was fine and the synthroid was something basic with type 1. He may have few type 1 patients, so he may not know all the fun we get to have. I have had T1 going on 30 years and like you I am complication free and would like to stay that way. So, if the Doc has issues or thinks you are in poor health you may want to find another one to go to.

Your GP would have lost all credibility if he were my doc. Instead of getting an accurate view of your medical history, he made a quick assessment without bothering to get all the facts straight. You don’t need a shoot-from-the-hip kind of GP like him. I suggest you find a GP with whom you can relate. This guy isn’t it.

I personally don’t count insulin in my list of things that make me “sick” or in my list of things that are “problems”. Non-diabetics can use (their own) insulin without being labeled “sick” or it being a “problem”. Taking insulin makes us more “normal” and healthy and less problematic. That doc sounds like he needs some sensitivity training.

I like your attitude about life. I’m close to your age, with close to the same number of years with diabetes, and I appreciate your attitude and philosophy. Don’t let “the man” get you down. You know what you need/want to do to live the kind of life you want, and you’re doing it. Life with chronic illness doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, as your doctor seems to suggest. People with out chronic illnesses don’t understand that you just adjust to a new “normal” and get on with life! :slight_smile:

I love what you said " we diabetics adjust to a new normal
You have a great outlook as well

Ugh, I hate it when that happens. I get so tired of doctors seeing that you’re type 1 and just seeing a “sick” person. For me, T1 D is my only issue. I do have some minor complications from my D, but they are all manageable at this point, and I generally feel pretty good (assuming my BG is behaving). I’m very physically active and have accomplished a lot with D at my side (running marathons being one of several crazy things I’ve done) and I’ve always come out alive!

Whenever I’ve gotten this attitude from a doctor, I just hold my head up and politely disagree with them. I list all the things that I do and remind them that there are plenty of people with D living quite a long, healthy life. I am trying to do everything I can to take care of myself and while, yes, it’s hard, it is doable. If a doctor cannot understand that, he/she is not a doctor I will be seeing again.

I think you have a great attitude too. I do not think I could handle my regular GP treating me like that and making those assumptions. What else could he be thinking that he didnt say out loud? I would dump him. Its your money and your time and I would not pay for that treatment. If nothing else, the Drs comments do not help you become healthier. I am always looking for ways to improve and if someone is just being negative without any suggestions or helpful ideas for me then that really upsets me. I dont need anymore Debbie Downers in my life, especially if I am paying for it. As a T1, I have enough things going on to drop my mood that I dont need this junk from the medical community unless it will help me grow.

On a side note I have dealt with other specialist that do not seem to know much of anything about T1 (except for their small piece dealing with the specialty). My opthamolagist told me if I got my A1C even lower I would be cured. My dentist was quite (happily) surprised that T1 had not destroyed my gums. These specialist have great knowledge and skill in their field and provide me great treatment. I always correct them and I hope that seeing a healthy T1 will teach them a thing or two.