Is the clear insulin pump nice lookng?

I am getting my first pump soon and ordered clear (minimed 722). I was just wondering if you guys that have it like how it looks?

I like mine!

I got my MM722 and I chose “clear” over the colors. It looks very good.

Thats guys! Thats cool that we’ll have exactly the same ones, John!

And mine is also the 722. The plastic is more translucent then transparent, with a almost frosted glass quality - but there is some color with the blue Act button, an orange/yellow ring at the base of the reservoir, and a few other areas. It give the impression of a very cool retro beeper/am radio…

You can return them within the first 30 days, but would want to so right away. I would probably have been fine with the 522, but did not realize until too late for a switch to the smaller model, so you may want to keep that in mind (it is my first pump, and I was right on the border for what my insulin needs were…

Good luck!

Thats! The person we spoke to thought the amount I’m not the 722 would be best so i’m looking forward to getting it!

I agree, the purple would be nice if it was about HALF as dark as it is!

I used to have a clear one, then when I needed a replacement MM didn’t have any, so I got a purple one instead… I didn’t really care for it.

Thanks! Did you mean you didn’t care for the purple or the clear?

I just started last week with my clear one. I like it cause you can see inside it a bit, also with no colour it matches everything, not that would matter to any guy? Kids love it cause they can see inside. But it is “a whatever floats your boat.” kinda thing.

Miket (new pumper)

Thanks Dave! I like how the clear looks on pictures and it will look good with everthing. Guess we’ll see when it comes!

Thank you Mike! I’m NOT a guy so that might explain why I liked the ‘go with everything’ idea!

My 522 is clear and looks just fine. Of course the only thing I expect from a pump when it comes to appearance is for it not to stand out.

I am going purple next time, well unless they have bright orange. Clear is number 3 on my list.

I have had:

Black , and
Blue - I like the blue one as well.


I have it, would you like a picture?

I have seen some but love seeing different ones so if its no trouble go ahead!

2 secs :slight_smile: be right back

Here’s Mikey!

Thanks!! Whats your personal opinion of it?

I’ve been a pumper for several years… I’ve had all colors.

As a female, I like the clear, as it matches everything. I work from home, however, I still have to do business meetings and teach training classes which require me to dress up. I can wear it on my waist, and it doesn’t draw much attention to it. I refuse to hide my pump. It is part of who I am. Also, the skins that Medtronic has, look better on a clear pump in my opinion. I wore a Mickey one for the time I was at Disney, a Spongebob one for when I went to Universal and so on. :slight_smile:

Its good to hear from someone who has had more then one color and is a woman! lol thats true too about the skins! I understand from your profile that its the 722? Thats cool cause thats the very same one I ordered! only this is my first ever pump!!!