Is the clear insulin pump nice lookng?

that is the 722. The only difference is the reservoir area, it’s just a little bit taller.

If my mother comes by I’ll do a side by side with the 722 and a 522 she is also a pumper but a 522.

I got the clear one and when I get tired of the look of it I just get skins to put on it. Right now mine is tie dyed.

I’m really excited about getting it! I’ll be another 1 to 3 weeks till it goes through with the insurance and then medtronic will send it.

Yeah thats a good idea:) probably somthing I will do too!

it is quite an exciting day when you receive your pump. I even get excited when it’s upgrade time :slight_smile:

Hey-- that looks like mine too :wink:

I’m sure i would too:) I know I’m really blessed to already be getting one… In the beginning of march it was a year since I’m on shots and I know lots of people have to wait longer!

I have a cleat 522. The “cool factor” wore off quick.y, although it gives me an appreciation of what goes into it. In the end it is a personal taste thing.

The clear is definitely nice looking. I have the smoke, but from what I have seen of clear, it would probably be my second choice

But, I have a skin on my pump…so it doesn’t really matter

Thanks again! I like your pump’s skin!

I did see a VERY elegant new pink one a medtronucs rep was using the other day - it was a new color they may or may not be advertising yet. A very opaque pink, I would have seriously considered it for myself…

I have a clear 522. It is great, matches everything, most people think it is a pager.

I got purple, but they also have some cute skins now, you can even design your own

Another Clear Minimed Pump here! :slight_smile:

My first Minimed Paradigm Pump was blue, last year I upgraded to and got it in the clear color.

So which do you prefer?


Yeah I saw that! Its really cool! They have some nice ones even without designing your own!