Is the omni pod okay for thin people?

My daughter is 15 years old and is currently using the cozmore and sometimes has difficulty with site failures. Because she is very thin (5’9" and 108 lbs) she has a very difficult time finding a suitable injection site. She would like to try the omni pod because she will have more site options, the cozemore can only be used on the abdomen and backside. Whereas the omni pod can be used anywhere you give yourself an injection. can anyone offer some insite on this matter I would like to hear from someone who is very thin and using the pod. let me know how it’s worked for you - Ann

Hi Ann,
I am 6’ and 172lb I have very little body fat. I have been using the omnipod on my stomach and the back of my upper arms with no problems at all. as a matter of fact when I use my upper arms
there seems to be almost no fat as the pod is directly on top of the muscle with no site failure.
hope this helps…

I am 15, I am also 5’9" and I weigh 150, mostly muscle. I have basically no fat on my arms, and I have had success on the back of my upper arm. It didn’t even go into the muscle, and I couldn’t feel it at all.

We use it for our two year old. We place it on his bottom, just above where his waistband/diaper hits. He is also quite thin but it works great. We are going to try his upper arm this summer.

Good luck!
Mom to Carter, 6 years & William, 2 years (dx April 2007, OmniPod user Jan 2008)

I am your average 5’2 and 130-135. I am not thin, thin but I don’t think your daughter would have problems with the Pod. She only has to have 1inch of fat where she places the pod.

I am an Omnipod user since late May - I am 5’6" and 113.5 lbs. I have worn my pod mostly around my waist - belly and butt, and above and below. No problems thus far. I am going to try my arm on my next new pod - hope this helps, and I must say - I think your daughter will love the pod if she tries it! I have been diabetic forever, and to finally be able to dress without worrying where i can hang my pump is absolutely phenomenal!!! I thought it looked HUGE when I saw the initial product, but really, I wear it under jeans/clothes with little or no bump to see. – Tracy J