Is there a certain wrist that your supposed to wear med id on?

I read somewhere awhile ago that your supposed to wear your diabetic id on your left wrist and I was just wondering if thats true? I wear mine on my right wrist because of when I wear a watch I’m not crazy about having a few stuff on one wrist :slight_smile: I was just wondering if anyone ever heard anything like that cause I only read it that one place and didn’t know if it was true or not? Just curious!!

I’ve always heard the left wrist too. I just always wear it on that wrist and never really thought about it. But ya, when I wear a watch it gets annoying, but I still wear it there. Guess I’m just a blind follower!!! Haha

When I order an id years ago from a website the info that came with it said to wear on left wrist. The explanation was that paramedics always check the left wrist.

I’ve never heard that. Always wear it on my right for the same reason as you, Leanna.

I wear it my bracelet along with my watch on the right wrist. I wear mine on my right wrist only because I am left handed.

okay I guess thats the difference :slight_smile: I’m right handed :slight_smile:

Lol well I guess I’ll have to decide what I’m gonna do then!

So is that what you do?

lol I would gladly do it if its important I just figured if it was I’d have heard about it more often! I guess now I’m seeing that a few more people have heard that :slight_smile:

I’m left handed, so I put it on my right arm

I once asked a paramedic and they said they check both wrists and the neck for anything, so I’m not sure it makes any difference. Call your local fire department and ask what they recommend. Mine is on my left because I’m right handed.

I think if I could make the “rules” I would allow for a ring of some kind, rather than a bracelet. I am a T2, and think I am pretty well controlled at the moment, but its important information anyway. The point would be, I am not a jewelry kind of guy, and all tho I don’t pretend to be a stealth diabetic, I prefer not to put it out there for everyone to see and make their stupid comments and assumptions about.

I suppose there are necklaces that can be used instead of a bracelet? Again tho, not a jewelry kind of guy.

Too bad I don’t do tatoos either

I would have to go with what Cara found out and say I would be stunned if a paramedic didn’t look at both wrists for any medical info. Can’t take much more time, and would be a disaster if someone only “went by the book” and made a mistake because they simply didn’t bother with the right wrist, after all, as she said, some people are left handed so its natural to put it on the right hand


Thanks Cara :slight_smile: I’m right handed but wear it on my left because i wear my waatch on my left.

John I agree that its hard to beleive that they wouldn’t check both. For now unless I hear something very strong saying to wear it on my left it’ll be staying on my right :slight_smile:

I emailed my dad who is a paramedic and a fire captain. He said that most paramedics will check for any form of medical ID (meaning in all of the usual places, neck/wrists/wallet) and that, if in your home with nothing else to go on, they will also look in the fridge, cupboards, or medicine cabinet for medicines during their patient assessment. But, he stressed, every area has different specific guidelines and you should ask your local unit for guidance.

Thanks so much Melissa!! I always thought that they surely would check more then one place but its good to hear what someone who knows what he’s saying says :slight_smile: Maybe I could check locally. Do you have any advise on where to call to ask a question like that?

I would recommend calling or stopping by your closest fire station. They are more available and willing to answer non-emergency questions than a hospital staff member would normally be. It’s not uncommon for elderly residents to stop in and get their blood pressure checked for free during the day. You can always stop by and ask them questions…and bring them snacks. laughs

Thanks :slight_smile: We have a fire station approx. 10 mins from my house so I might have to do that.