Is there a Definition of Terms on this site

I keep seeing new words being typed on the forum that I have never heard of and have questions on what there meanings are and if they relate to Type 1 or Type 2 DB.

One such word: bolus

I have no idea what this is, have looked (quickly) on Google but didnt really find anything on the online dictionaries. Is this a Type 2 word or condition?

Also, this is for the admins… Is there a way that to add the ability to “Thank” people for posting topics you find useful other than posting or replying to the thread?

This is a pumping word. Bolusing is the insulin that you give yourself either for food (meal bolus) or to correct high glucose levels (correction bolus).

i used bolus when i was mdi (multiple daily injections)…i think its for anyone who covers meals or high with short acting insulin.

The term “bolus,” originally applied to a “pill”, is in this context applied to the use of an insulin (typically a rapid insulin) to lower blood sugars. It is typically given with an injection, via pump, but can also be given in an IV or inhaler or other delivery means. As noted, the two primary reasons to give a bolus is to “cover” the anticipated glucose load from a meal or to “correct” a high blood sugar. Although you may hear criticisms of Dr. Richard Bernstein, he is credited with inventing the basal-bolus technique in 1972 ( Today, virtually all modern insulin regimes, whether MDI or pumping use the basal-bolus approach.

Basal is the slow acting insulin one would give oneself in the morning and evenings before bed… Bolus is the fast acting insulin one would give oneself to handle and cover meal times.

Bolus is for us who pump. Someothews on MDI it’s just a word meaning we give ourselves moer insulin when we eat something.

As for the other I’ll let the Admistration thak it from here.

The interesting thing about the word “bolus” is that it can also be used in a medical context to talk about the delivery of other substances besides insulin. For example, a person who is tube fed can be fed over a long period of time using a pump, or they can be fed in a “bolus” – the whole can of whatever you are feeding being put down the feeding tube over a much shorter time using just gravity.

“Bolus” as explained above is for either pumpers or people who give insulin by injection. When I “bolus” for my meals on MDI it is exactly the same thing as when someone on a pump “boluses” for theirs.

I could do that once I figure out how, Im new, still trying to find my way around. Should I create a new Group for that or a Blog entry?

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Ok, I just sent a PM to an admin with questions on this topic, so once I hear back from them I will get this started.

Thanks for all who have posted so far, I will use the replies here to get started...Keep them coming!


bo·lus noun \ˈbō-ləs\

plural bo·lus·es

Definition of BOLUS

1 : a rounded mass: as a : a large pill b : a soft mass of chewed food
2 a : a dose of a substance (as a drug) given intravenouslyb : a large dose of a substance given by injection for the purpose of rapidly achieving the needed therapeuticconcentration in the bloodstream

Origin of BOLUS

Late Latin, from Greek bōlos lump
First Known Use: 1562

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Hi the basel insulin is the longer lasting 24 hour insulin and the bolus insulin is used with food. This is not referring to the actual name of the insulin but referring to what its used for such as my bolus after meals or my basel in the am. Its terms used to refer to insulin. I’m on an insulin regiment so I know these things. I hope this cleared that up for you. So the insulin its self is a different name and can have different reactions such as long acting short acting ect.

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Learn something new everyday! Thanks Zoe. I've been pumping now for 22 years and didn't think about that.

Okay I love it!! sorry but I needed a laugh and this did it!! great definitions!!

Cool, now I know where to go to understand a lot of the posts I read here.