Is there a good way to combat bad diabetes press?

Any ideas out there? Take a look at this video that was on the homepage of

Is there any way to combat this? I understand that there are accidents it’s just tough to see this right on the homepage knowing that there are millions of diabetics out there who strive to maintain good control and a normal life. What can I or we do to help combat situations like this when they happen?

Luckily everyone was OK this time, but what if next time it’s worse? Is there a way to manage damage control? Just looking for ideas or suggestions.

hi mike, i’m no expert, but i don’t see this as necessarily negative. these things can and do happen. what i do is advocate, advocate, advocate. just this last year my son has been featured in the newspaper several times, done a local radio interview, and acted as the JDRF junior ambassador in our area. all in the name of raising awareness and educating the public. maybe we can use incidents like this one to further educate and impress upon the powers that be that we need more education and funding for future research and a cure!! :slight_smile:

Great idea Tracy, I have to keep myself from that mindset of “bad press” Doing the PR spin into a good thing sounds like the way to go. If people aren’t aware, nothing will ever happen except this.

Thanks again!!!


That’s the nature of the news. There are thousands of good parents out there, but the only ones they show on the news are the ones who put their kids in cages and starve them to death.

see now thats the positive influence the world needs. I had some military wives not understand that their kids CANT get diabetes from being around my kid. Its kind like gee really? Nothing in this world can stop ppl from talking negative, but with the right education and examples it doesnt have to be a bad thing. our kids are normal and our family, friends anyone who has diabetes is a normal person.

viva la education!

Very true and a fair statement!!! I guess I’ll just have to do something better than the bad stuff to get some positive PR!!! :slight_smile:

Way to go Debb! Rock on!!!