Is there a "perfect spot" to wear your CGM and avoid yoga limitations?

For me, the very best spot is above the beltline, on my side. The worst is the abdomen. I like floor backbends too much to give them up. But another problem is not having alot of fat, and accidently inserting the sensor into a muscle. And how about doing a side bend and realizing that you didn't leave enough play in the sensor adhesive to allow for a good side stretch. Add the sweat from hot yoga I said, challenges.

What challenges are you having?

I do not abdomen placement at all. Forward bends issues. My best spot is the high hips or in the fleshy upper buttocks, but then you have the challenges of shoulder stands. I do not have a lot a fat as well. I have made the mistake sometimes and put it where I sit. Not a good spot! As you said a lot of challenges for sensor placement and infusion sets as well. Since I am so late in responding to your question have you found a better spot yet?

Hi Amy, no I have pretty much settled on the high hip but fairly centered on my side, between the hip bone and the lower ribs. I sleep on my left side so I restrict it to the right side. I move it around that general area but will give that area a break every so often and put in on my upper arm, just below the shoulder and slightly towards the back. Easier to use that spot in the winter. I’m not that fleshy, but I try to find a spot where there is some flesh when I flex my upper arm muscle

Hi Etta!

I just fat-fingered my attempt to join your new “memory issues” group, and accepted an old invitation to join ‘Yoga’ instead. But I’m glad I did! My ‘exercise’ is disorganized and unprofessional, but there’s a lot of it.

Often, I have situations where I can anticipate a lot of side bends and twists in the lifespan of a new Sensor. I’m normally another “above the beltline, on the side” person; but when I expect to be doing a lot of side bends or twists, then I will use an upper arm location. My arms are less flabby than my torso side, and performance is slightly worse – but arm movement tightens and loosens the tricep all at once, and the pulling happens in only one direction.

To keep the pulling in one direction, don’t go too close to your shoulder. The “meatiest” part of my upper arm isn’t straight towards my back side, it’s actually inward (slightly towards my torso and nipple). You can get a pretty good stretch just by putting on your Sensor and Flexifix :))

That’s my best place when I expect a lot of Torso side-stretching or twisting. I know the Thread is very old, but I wanted to share this ‘insert candidate location’ when I saw the topic.

I agree that the upper arm is a good alternative. Have you tried using a Band 4 Life on your upper arm and eliminating tape? That works really well for me, although I can only use my right arm cause I tend to sleep on my left side. So I alternate between my side (requiring a four-side flexifix tape job) and my right arm (with just the Band 4 Life.).

I haven’t bought one, because I’m happy with Flexifix.