Is there a "right time" to get pregnant?

I am a 23 years old,Type 1 Diabetic and I have ssen how complicated it can be when you are diabetic and pregnant. But I want children and was wondering if age is a factor to considering when thinking about getting pregnant. Should I do it when I'm young or older??? Please help? Thankl you.

I don't think you will find an answer here, beacause it is such a personal choice.
I've had diabetes since i was 8, i'm turning 23 this february and had my baby boy six months ago, so at 22.
My reasons were: i really wanted a child, i don't have any complications and i thought it would be easier this way to keep a pregnancy.

For anyone, (diabetic or non-diabetic) the older you get the more risk factors to consider. I am almost 29 and we are talking/planning/hoping to get pregnant this summer/fall-- my doctor recommended that if we want kids to start sooner than later "since I am already older" (thanks, that's always nice to hear...)

Don't just think about health issues -- think about your financial stability, etc. as well.

Of course yous should also consider that, but if you wait and wait it might be too late.

True, if you wait *too* long it may be too late, but, as kestrel3 said, there are many other factors to consider. I am now 32 and am planning to take the plunge in a year or two. Yes, that may be a bit older than some people would feel comfortable about having a child, but I was not financially or mentally prepared for a baby when I was younger. I think that as long as I am very careful with my bloodsugars that I and the baby will be fine, and much better off than if I had had it when I was not prepared to take care of it.

Aww,he is so adorable.thanks for you response:)

thnk u and good luck in the process.

i am taking that into consideration too trust me,thank u for that though.

thank u and i wish u all the best when u become pregnant:)

You are so right, Brianna! Good luck!
See, this is why i said that she won't find an answer here, because it is a very personal decision that includes many factors!

I am having my first at 39. It wasn't the most ideal choice for me, but there were fertility problems followed by a cheating spouse/divorce at 35. That being said, I've been a well controlled diabetic for years, so the diabetes has only been a very small piece of the pregnancy puzzle. And, my doctor is supportive of us having another, although we can't wait very long to try...

Yes, there are higher risks of Down Syndrome and similar genetic problems the older I get, but lots of people have perfectly healthy babies at 40+

Like others have said, it's a very personal choice, but from where I sit, you have LOTS of time...but if you are in good control and are otherwise emotionally/mentally ready and have a good relationship, it seems like there's no reason to wait :)