Is there a way to check how much insulin has been used up in an individual pump?

I can see how much I've used each day, and I know it has a low volume alarm, but is there some where in the menu to quickly check how much has been used and how much remains in the pump itself?

home, my records ,insulin delivery , and scroll down to change the dates , it will tell you the total daily delivery , other than that it will only tell you exactly what is in it once you get below 50 units

That's mostly what I thought, but I wasn't seeing the volume indicator at the top of the home screen. Thanks!

hi scott, I am assuming you are a podder... if you hit your status button ( you need to be close to your pod) it will display at the top it just says 50 plus if it is more than that but once it goes under it will tell you exactly how much... something we have to watch because my son typically uses more than 200 u in three days he eats a lot trying to have him go lower on the carbs for back to school so we can get the full three days in without variable changing times! best wishes, amy

Something I've come to notice is that the last "50" units seems to be an estimate. That's verified in that the last 5 units are not shown, but rather displayed as "low". I guess in Insulets efforts to keep the pod as cheap as possible they have not included a good level indicator in the pod. I'm OK with that, but do wish they'd go ahead and estimate from the full 200 units downward.

How often do you guys upload pod data? We're adding insulin volume management and integrated re-ordering of supplies to managebgl, but if you don't upload data, or enter it into your phone/PC there wouldn't be a feedback loop.