Is there a way to take more than 25 Units with a 722?

I just switched to a 722 from a 508 and, I’m a big eater, so, I need a lot of insulin for many meals. With my 508 I could program 25 units now and say 5 units in the next hour after that. It doesn’t appear that you can do this with the 722 - is that true?

I use Cozmo, not MM, but I know that i can set a MAX limit for the largest bolus possible.

It could be that the settings somewhere have the maximum bolus set for 25, but maybe you can increase it.

Get in touch with MM and they should be able to answer your question.

First off I also use the 722 and glad to see someone else that uses a lot of insulin. :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with the square wave and dual wave features?

What do you have your MAX Bolus set at?

The max bolus on a MM is 25 units.
If I have to take more than 25 I will take the 25 and then just do an easy bolus for the rest of it, but I try not to eat so much carbs that I have to take over 25 units.

Max is set to 25 units - which is as far as it goes.

I use a MM715 and was in the same position when I was taking a lot of steroids…Since you really cant get around the max bolus I would just take 2.

Say I needed 30 units, Id go through the bolus wizard and take the 25units.
Then go through the wizard again, put in 0 carbs, and when the screen came up, blinking, with the number of units I was going to get (0) I’d just press the up key until I got to 5 and bolus that extra 5 units I needed.
I did everything through the wizard as opposed to just giving an easy bolus for the remaining 5units bc I like to keep a record of all of my boluses and can only really do that through the wizard.

I don’t think I can do this with the 722 - I could with the 508.

As other people have said, 25 units is the max the Paradigm pumps will allow. Since I use about that much in a day, I have never had to try this! But, I’m wondering how long it takes the pump to actually deliver 25 units? Sometimes it seem like forever just to deliver 1.8 units. I’d probably be finished eating by the time the 25th unit finished!

If you want to do two boluses, why not use a syringe to inject the first 25 units and set the pump to do the square or dual wave bolus for the rest that you want?

Ahhhh, for me shots…never, hehe!!!

Almost shot up today as for some reason today after my site change I was 350, fhat has not happened in forever and now I am wondering if it has to do with my leaving my old site in for awhile technique. Today I did not and dang 350, got the syringes and vial out and headed out to the movies and bolused 5 units with the pump.

Tested after movie at 50. :frowning: