Is there any LOYALTY anymore?

So, today I learned a new lesson in life… LOYALTY is something that can only exist between you and your spouse or s/o, friends and family. LOYALTY is no longer a factor in the employer/employee relationship as I had always thought it was.

Yep, at 7.10 this morning I received a phone call to explain to me that my services were no longer needed. My job would be high tailing to an outsource venue in TX. Funny, I was at work until 8.30 on Friday night so this must have just come up very early this morning, Right?!

I’m pissed right now but as I looked at my kids faces this morning I realized that I should only keep my LOYALTY where it is appreciated and where it belongs. I hugged them and sent them to school. I love them more than anything and want to make sure they are safe and well taken care of
I am worried for them and the reaction they will have about this. The first things that come to mind are:

did dad do something wrong?
will there be Christmas presents? (they are only 9 and 4),
why is daddy home?
Dad why don’t they want you?
I thought daddy worked for a good company,
Are we going to need to move? (we just refinanced Saturday so housing expenses are on the forefront in our universe)
Will dad get a job again? I was out of work for two years before this position became available. They witnessed my loyalty and dedication (going in on Saturdays, doing on-call/off site work, taking OT over a scout meeting or Little League games etc…) to making the most of this job over the last 2.75 years.
There will be so many others…

I realize that there are many miserable people out there who make decisions like this everyday to make themselves happy ( I guess)… and a little wealthier but at what and at who’s cost?
I am asking those that may be in the decision making position is it worth it to outsource at the expense of your employees? Your customers? Your core base? What makes you tick? Is success only measured by the bottom line?
Have you sat with each and every employee to really learn their total value to the current success of the company or is it just dollars and cents? Lastly, wouldn’t you at least have the courtesy to say face to face we are heading in a different direction, shake my hand and wish me luck?

Now I find myself in front of the pc with the dire need to find a job but one that will not ask for my LOYALTY … that is reserved for my family and friends only.
The sun will be up tomorrow, right? Will it really?
I’m not sure anymore…

Knox’s dad
(and Erica’s too)

So sorry! That’s awful!

A friend lost his job last Monday after 24 years of loyalty & awards. Came into work & his computer was locked down. Shortly after, security arrived to tell him to clean out his stuff & accompanied him out. Not one word from his boss–the coward. He’s in shock & understandably very angry. He’s got two kids in college & freaking.

The days of loyalty are over when people have no job security. People are given the message loud & clear that their hard work & devotion to their jobs is meaningless to most employers.

Hope you find another job & a better one.

I am so sorry to hear this news. The same thing happened to my husband in July 2001. I never thought it would be that hard for him to find another job. Then 9/11 happened, and everything dried up. He continued looking, and when our cobra was running out, he got a job selling cars. It was a very difficult time, but quite frankly, I was never more proud of him. He finally got back in the food business in 2005. Looking back now, we really got a lot closer to each other during that time. We realized that we were buying and doing a lot of stuff that did not add any meaning to our lives. I am sure your kids love you, and know you love them. They might even be thinking oh, boy, we get to spend more time with Daddy.

My thoughts are with you and your family …regardless LOYALTY is still accepted in our big universe …and keep your diabetes in check , please

Thank you all for your kind words!
I have been in this boat before when my division of Abbott (Abbott Diabetes) moved to CA from MA. They were upfront gave plenty of notice and set up resources to aid in the hunt.
This morning getting a call at 7.10 a.m. while getting the kids ready for school came as both a shock and an interference in my families routine.
Bottom line, have the decency to look me in the eye and say it straight. I am most upset about the lack of respect shown.
Here’s a laugh for all of you…as I type this my former employer is running an ad to the right urging you “…to cut the cord…” . At least I still can see the humor in life…right?
Again, thank you for the kind words and I will keep you posted.
regards to all…

You did make me laugh…keep seeing the humor , however hard this maybe sometimes …and I am NOT an OmniPod person !

Nel -

It is irony isn’t it? Omnipod is a great product and I would never speak badly about it.
It has been giving me a chuckle throughout the day.
If you pump or not you should at least get the demo pod kit. The concept is really ideal.
You can click right over there >>>>>>>>>>>>> for a special offer!

The good or bad news !!! : Omnipod is not available in Canada , " my home and native land "…oh , well , I was displaced by choice , a long time ago …keep chuckling , please .
How was your day today overall ?
My Avon lady, I was told today , who had surgery a few months ago ( unable to get orders in to Avon , because she is still in hospital ) received a letter in the mail the other day with a chq …and an " au revoir " from Avon .

Not yet in Canada but someday.
Sad about the Avon lady. It really is a statement about society and civilization in the good ol USA when it is better to cut corners rather than waste to save a few bucks. Eventually someone will state somewhere that I am a disgruntled former employee. To the contrary, I loved my job, committed to it daily and went out of my way to do my best. I am just asking for a little reciprocation.
Tomorrow I go and visit my dad…something not possible yesterday!

Knox’s dad (and Erica’s too),

Great post - I am so impressed that you were able to write about this. I wouldn’t have been able to do that for days, if ever.

Just remember that you are the same guy that your kids loved this morning, last night and even the last time you took OT instead of…

You still have the great skills you had before 7:10 this morning. The O’pod people hired you and got a huge amount from you - another company will now hire you and get the same, if not better.

The old adage still applies - when one door closes, another one opens. Look for it, it will be there. Part of it will be the wonderful opportunity to go to some scout meetings and Little League games.

Fair Winds,

Mike -

Thanks for the very kind thoughts. Yesterday I was in shock and awe mode. Today I am down and out po’d!
Yes, Insulet got a great deal from me and others that were let go. That is a portion of the disappointment, some of us do a job because we want to make a difference, some for the money and others just to get by.
I had the best of all worlds, my job and my life were committed to people with diabetes (myself included).
But as you state, I now have some breathing room to watch my kids grow and attend scout meetings. No more 3 hours a day on the highway and no more late night/ Saturday tasks for work.
And yes, my kids do love me so much. My son is just old enough to realize that this is a major swing for the family and he is a worrier. My priority is to make sure that Knox does not feel the need to be an adult right now.
As I type he is out on the porch (home sick today), wheels burning, trying to figure out what the heck happened. That is him … process, process, process… like a machine until he can come to a logical reason and move forward. His questions have all been answered and they all end with him saying"…then I don’t get it…". Followed by me saying “…that’s okay, it doesn’t make sense to any of us. Just to those who made the decision(s)…” .
Anyhow, Mike, thanks for the great feedback and yes it will only get better.