Is there any way to increase the carb ratio?

I was diagnosed a little over a year ago. At first, my ratio was 1:20, probably because of the honeymoon. Over time, it has steadily dropped and today it’s at 1:6. I’d like to get that back up into the double digits but I have no idea how. When I run, the ratio does go up but it’s only temporary. Are there any good ways to bring it up for the long-term? Maybe weights?

Take metformin to increase your insulni resistance. Perform strength training to increase your lean body mass. Lose body fat, perhaps using the same training, but you could also use diet and aerobic exercise. Some people have increased insulin resistance due to high blood sugars, so tighter control can help. Reduce stress and get more sleep. That’s it, I’m about played out.

I’m actually underweight and my doctor’s been trying to gain some. But, I have been slacking on the exercise because of school applications and finals. I should be able to start again now since all of that is over.

Symlin can lower insulin resistance and thus your carb ratios, I use that. You may have been (probably were) still in your honeymoon period and required less insulin. If your pancreas is no longer producing insulin, that 1:6 ratio may just be what your body requires

proof again : we are all sooooo different , what works for ME may not work for YOU …carb ratio 7 am ( breakfast ) 1:27, lunch and supper 1: 20 , …I usually work within these numbers …and let it be known : not honeymooning :slight_smile: I feel quite confident to change my ratio’s …pump nurse has guided me along .And I don’t have any suggestions to change your ratio’s …other than what you mentioned : " when I run "

true, I’m 1:7 most of the day, but 1:5 at dinner time. My ratios were 1:4 and 1:3 before I started the symlin and dropped about 30 lbs, now to just get rid of this last 10 or 15…

Actually, I do know this is the T1 forum. If you are an insulin resistant T1, you really should consider metformin. Metformin works for everybody, T2s, T1 and PCOS. Talk to your doctor about it.

I’ve found with regular exercise (aerobic and weights), my carb ratio has gone down and stayed down. Combined with weight loss, my total daily insulin is down 50 to 60% depending on the time of the month.

I had the same experience… and I think doing both aerobic(for me running esp. longer distances) and weight training causes both basal and bolus or carb/ratio to drop…and once I stop doing it consistently the ratio goes back up.

I’m a true T1. There isn’t a drop of insulin resistance in me. I’m at 1:7, been there & agreeing with it with lots of energy. I had to finally say to myself “if I eat 7.5 grams I have to take 1 unit” - and do it. we’re all different. You do what fits. I do what fits. I simply go with it.

wow. My ratios are 1:7 most of the day except for 1:5 at dinnertime. That’s crazy we have same dosage!
Humalog / Levemir here. :slight_smile:

Do you use Metformin? I just Wiki’d it and saw that it is mainly for T2D, but is also used to decrease insulin resistance. I’m having a serious hard time with resistance to my short acting insulins and if you’re taking it and you’re T1D, then I would love to hear more about how it has affected your BG ratios.

Muscle uses insulin tyo absorb nutrients, so the more muscle you have the more sensitive you are to insulin-- therefore, the less insluin your body needs. I got that from an article from

Well, it seems like I’m going to have to add weights to my exercise. It may or may not work but there’s no harm if I’m careful. Thanks for the replies everyone!