Is there "Ever" gonna be an "Event" in Charleston,SC?

I’m a cry baby… I wanna have fun at some event too. I wanna be able to afford to drag my kids in somewhere and meet/ have fun with a bunch of people like us too.
The only thing I ever read about is “educational events” at hospitals where you cant get in unless your Dr prescribed the “event” and your “insurance” covered it. Just to get to sit in a place like that and have my type2 diabetes blamed on me.
I want to scream that I’m human too! I don’t want to be looked down on.
Why isn’t there a physical place to land and smile? To meet and greet others like me with my family in tow? Why do some of us have to be so isolated? That we can only meet/greet online?
Does not having alot of money always have to step in the way of support for a chronic “it’s my fault dis-ease”?
Venting mom

I know the feeling. Medtronic does have some events in my town, but I haven’t been able to make it to one yet.