Is there more to life than A1c?

On the note of glucose control, beyond 'blood sugar management 101' may be this idea by 'dr fish head' is the way forward.

Its worth a look/listen, just to round off the big picture 'health issue'.

My father died of a heart attack at 44. In this podcast - he suggests that many cardiac patients probably died bc of a previous long period of high blood glucoose (so my father...possibly had a longstanding and unknown history of underlying T2 (??); and my mother has hypertension and T2D - so it is in my personal interest to try and deduce the 'big picture' and all the underlying risk factors that may contribute to 'sudden death' and/or an extended life without disease and comorbidities/complications.

I was lucky to have worked with a Professor who had many interests, far and wide, so i easily got stimulated early on, to research new areas/ fields/ issues, to get to the crux of any issue/problem/idea at hand.

To get back to the point, you may take note of the idea portrayed by dr fish head. As I believe diseases (as is life), is likely composed of many interacting and complex factors, i think the idea proposed here by the good doctor, is vital to a good, long, and healthy life.

You may hear him talk about blood pressure control. That is one of my key areas of expertise and I have trained in this area (I have numerous publications on ACE inhibitors and ARBs) - so my mother has always been well controlled - possibly explaining why she is till in very good overall health at 77 !!.

You can hear dr fish head (his nick name) below.

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Is there more to life than A1c ?........

"We always emphasize the importance of tight glucose control. So much so, that we tend to become "glucose-centric", forgetting other factors that are as important, even more important in our efforts to avoid diabetes-related complications.

Dr. Claude K. Lardinois, an out-of-the-box-thinking endocrinologist, with strong opinions on this subject. Dr. Lardinois has many years of vast experience in treating diabetes.

Is there more to life than A1c ?.....Listen to the podcast...

All the research I have read about the microvascular complications (retinopathy and kidney disease in particular) say that not only is average bg/A1C a major factor, but perhaps more so, blood pressure is right up there.

I think it's a good thing we all have bg meters and control our bg's. But I think sometimes we pay so much attention to bg that we exclude other issues. And while many of the diabetes complications are clearly strongly linked to average bg, there are others (especially cardio risks) that are less strongly linked to average bg, so I don't think we should be satisfied that our bg is OK so there's nothing else to do.

I myself have a deep family history of heart troubles in males on both sides of my family, and none of them had diabetes. So I pay a lot of attention to cardio issues, way above and beyond just my bg.

My main reason for posting this is 1) awareness and 2) maybe the stress associated with BG/HbA1c management can affect not only bg levels itself, but perhaps increase blood pressure, resulting in some detrimental effects - makes me vwonder then if all the stress and the ho hum associated with optimizing bg levels cancels out all the good work with finally managing the bg levels..awareness of the role of a good blood pressure is key here...minimise stress, salt intake and try to have a good blood pressure (check in with your doc).