Is there someone who has the same feeling?

Hello hello;

I only want to know if there is someone that one day got up and said “Today I stop my treatment”, I need to know that I’m not crazy and I’m not made a stupid decision.

I don’t know the reason but today I’m really really really fed up with this treatment. is very very bad idea if I stop taking pills??

I promise to eat healthily and do exercise for 1 hour every day but I don’t want to take pills no more.


I often wake up and wonder if all the pills are doing me more harm than good, and I am working hard to get to a point where taking medication is not a major part of my day, but to stop medication without medical advice may not be a good idea. Why not stick to your promise and maybe next time you visit your doctor he/she may stop the pills (or at least cut them down).
P.S you are not crazy…I am sure everyone at some point hates their meds :slight_smile:

There is one more thing you have to do that you failed to mention and that is TEST, TEST, TEST!!!

I think the idea to give up on treatment is not necessarily a bad idea. Going back to old habits and not testing would be a bad idea.

I don’t know how old you are but one thing is for sure, uncontrolled high BG WILL lead to complications and problems.

So give it a try and see if you can stick to it. But test and see if you are maintaining control of your BG.

Hi ETramon: I’m not sure why you want to stop your meds but I can sure understand it. I did stop one of my meds at the beginning of June when my endo refused to even entertain the notion. The side effects were so severe I just had to. Also… I was sure that I was developing neuropathy (this has now been confirmed) and my A1C was 10.1. So… I stopped the 3 diamicron (gliclazide) that I was taking each day. My numbers were immediately cut in half. I did what brokenpole said and I tested, tested,tested. I also kept up the Metformin although I did cut that back. My numbers are usually normal now. I honestly believe that the diamicron was causing the high numbers which led to the neuropathy. I found a new GP who is treating me for the neuropathy and he’s pretty sure that the damage won’t be permanent. While I couldn’t tell my endo, I did tell others such as my eye doctor, my chiropodist and my pharmacist. While they didn’t say “go for it”, they didn’t say “don’t do it” either. The new GP didn’t even suggest that I go back on the diamicron.
So… I figure that if your numbers are good, you could probably wait to see a doctor. I sure wish I’d had a doctor to monitor me. If you have high numbers and complications, I say TEST TEST TEST. I hope other members weigh in here. There were so many that helped me through this journey.

PS: If my numbers had not gone down like they did, my plan was to go straight to the hospital.

I do know what you feel. It is a bummer, but unfortunately we risk life and limb if we do not take our medication, quite literally! Worst case scenario is nerve damage, brain damage, eye damage, loss of limbs … at best we will feel dreadful!

I am on 5 injections a day and occassionally I get so fed up with it that I want to give up - and I do miss out some times, but then feel so ill that I have to go back to it. My big problem is eating enough. If I could get away with it, I would eat breakfast and nothing else, I simply cannot be bothered with it! I am not anorexic, I like good food, but I get so tired from cooking that I am too tired to eat! I live alone, so cannot share the chores with anyone else!

Thank you very much for your comments, today I woke up more and less better, I know that before to made a decision I have to talk with my Endo, the problem is that she always draws the worst scene :frowning: anyway, I’m going back to Venezuela in 2 months and my first plan will be to find a second opinion of a other Endo.
Once again, thanks, I’m glad to join this group.

Good to hear that you are waiting to talk to the endo. :slight_smile:

BEEN THERE ♥ Unfortunately, when you stop treatment, be it with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or whatever....things generally get worse!! Very seldom, if at all, will it get better. There's a reason you were given medication.
Sometimes, we think that things are getting better and gee....maybe I can skip this or that pill/injection/inhaler....forgetting that the reason the symptoms or numbers are better is BECAUSE of the medication/treatment we were prescribed.
Hope you changed your mind ♥ how's it all going now??