Is there such thing as prediabetic for type 1?

I’ve been watching the Bret Michaels show and he keeps saying his little daughter is prediabetic and will maybe get type1. He said she has a urine test to prove it. I thought prediabetic was for type2. Also when he went to a parent-teacher conference he told the teacher his daughter was prediabetic and to watch out for signs. The teacher asked him if she should have a piece of candy in her desk to help. Bret responded “no” it’s the opposite and to keep her away from sugar to prevent type1.
Also later when the girl was going to get ice cream or frozen yogurt the mom was asking about sugar free stuff and making sure the girl didn’t put on too much candy toppings.

So I guess my questions are…
1.Are type1’s really prediabtic before getting type1?
2.Is there really a urine test kids can get to see if they will develop type1?
3.Will less candy/sugar prevent type1 from occuring? I thought it doesn’t matter and you either get T1 or you don’t no matter how much sugar you eat.
I’m asking because I have 2 little kids and now I am slightly confused. I know,…I probably shouldn’t believe my TV.

I was told there is a blood test to see if they have the antibodies for T1. I’ve never heard of a urine test for it.

I think Bret likes his drama for the sake of ratings… unfortunately. Just like in that show “Rock of Love” where he was looking for a girlfriend, even though the man’s married and with a family, for crying out loud.

  1. In the sense that I don’t believe anyone has a “pre” … Early diagnosis symptoms are just that. “Pre” implies people can prevent or reverse things. And when it comes to Diabetes, especially for Type 1, people cannot.
  2. No. He probably was referring to a glucose in urine test.
  3. No. This is feeding into the drama of the public misconception/idiocy. If you don’t watch ANY of the carbs, than just watching for sugar only is a moot point.

    I really wish he was a better advocate for us… He really isn’t. None of the stars are. Sigh

I was a little disappointed. I was only watching it to see the diabetes part of it.

I’m type1 so is there anything else I can do for my kids (who don’t have diabetes) to prevent diabetes in them. I know to watch for the classic signs of undiagnosed T1 such as frequent urine or over sleeping. But are the any real medical tests or preventive measures I can take for my kids?

Ummm… don’t get a bad cold, or a bad infection, or drink milk, or be around pesticides/chemicals, or get any kind of cancer, or give your babies formula, or anything with HFCS, or…

The speculations could be endless. I don’t think any one of us could predict what would give us an autoimmune attack. We could live in a bubble, and still get it… Who knows.

DWQ & Kenx-
That’s what I thought. I was hoping I missed something in the last couple years maybe that would’ve helped out. Thanx for the input.

So you think the little girl just had a glucose urine test? It would be normal for most kids to have a high test especially if they were already sick with flu or infection, right? I think that’s why she got the test because she was already sick. It happened during Celeb Apprentice.


You can enroll them in Trialnet:

My family and I live in the cesspoool of the genetic pool, so don’t be cause yourself undue worry when you hear about families like mine. My girls are the third generation in my family D’xed at less than 12 months old, and trialnet is ALWAYS at D related kids events like ADA summer camps and JDRF family type events in my area. They will let you know what the results of the study are if your child is showing any ot have a participatf the markers. You can work with your child’s pediatrition to get the sample to them fi you do not live near a participating research center. I would highly suggest ANY PWT1D get their children screened. The information our familyies provide is helping the research. Because of the uniqueness of my family, we have participated in many research studies.

I am currently under going screening for a drug trial for newly DX’ed type 1’s. In the process of investigating which trial to try for I came across several studies for type1 family members. All of them are in the trail phase of course but you could check and see if there are any studies in your area. I used the search feature at . There are also studies listed here:

From what was explained to me, they can test your immediate family (parents, siblings, children, nieces, nephews) for indication that they might develop type 1. If they test positive, then they could start the drug trial for prevention. ~I am in no way advocating joining a drug study, that is up to you and your dr! Just giving out the info~

If she had a positive urine glucose test, she should have her blood tested by a pediatrician. While it IS possible for non-diabetic to spill glucose in their urine, it shouldn’t be overlooked. She could also have an antibody test – if she tests positive for antibodies, then she should be watched for symptoms. And no, Type 1 cannot be prevented if you are already on the way to developing it. Maybe someday . . .

But if insulin therapy is started when BG’s are only slightly elevated, the honeymoon period can be extended. Both of my girls started insulin therapy very early, and their hoineymoon period lasted until shortly before their fifth birhday, they both used miniscule amounts of insulin as infants and toddlers, today, they would have started pump therapy, but not back in the 90’s, insulin pumps for infants and toddlers was extremely rare.

I would LOVE to have Brett Micheals e-mail address, he spreads so much BS info about type 1. . .

I watched part of that episode also. I think he was using the term “prediabetic” in response to a question the teacher asked him about keeping candy in her desk so the teacher would understand she does not need to carry candy for lows. He also mentioned “she’s not on medication yet”. Taking it to mean either his daughter was diagnosed, but they caught it early and she is not yet on insulin or that she has all the antibodies, he knows what that means, and is eliminating excess useless carbs from her diet… It is not preventable, but in this case there may be some carb restriction to help preserve beta cells as long as possible. Pedi endos do not restrict carbs for children or teens. I have only been urged to restrict carbs here on Tudiabetes and I think a lot of adults are very confused about this, even in the diabetic community. A nutritionist and CDE, endo team will formulate a meal plan based on the amount of carbs per day a child needs so they can achieve proper growth. This changes based on age, height, weight. At each three month visit child is weighed and measured and the endo will look over the growth charts and curves. They will download the pump and meter so if an adult has any ideas about putting their child on a very low carb diet, the endo will most probably address the issue with the parent. I know there have been days she does not eat much, and they have noted it. Bret has been Type 1 since the age of 6, and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing and sure he must have spoken to a pedi endo. Some of his statements to the media are confusing but he has raised a lot of money for sending diabetic children to camp. So his heart is in the right place.

I watched a few episodes and behind the scenes last night and he used the term “prediabetic” about his daughter at least 3 or 4 times.
Yes I agree his heart is in the right place. I don’t doubt that at all.

Interesting link!

A diabetes vaccine would be nice.


The issue is that endos, CDEs & nutritionists are all getting their info from the same source. They all say the same ADA party line & don’t believe in restricting carbs below the ADA food pyramid for adults either. To correspond with their high carb recommendation, the ADA advocates higher A1cs as acceptable than does American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).

I don’t know exactly what number of carbs are appropriate for children, but you’ve mentioned your niece’s high numbers after meals & that 180 pp is ok because her endo says it’s ok. The high/low rollercoaster can be controlled by limiting carbs in kids whose BG is harder to control to begin with. The children of our ancestors didn’t live on high carb diets & their lives were more physically demanding than ours.

There are kids & teens on lower carb diets & flourishing. They don’t eat potatoes, grains & other high carb foods. One UK doctor whose child has diabetes has been a strong advovate for kids limiting carbs & there are others. People who’ve suggested an alternative view are not confused about this topic.

diabetes is a symptom. flat out. it is only a disease in that it is often the only symptom. its a pancreatic symptom of autoimmunity of many varieties. I have diabetic lupus, which is off the wall, and nothing like standard GAD diabetes. every disease is progressive. sometimes its not as progressive as say, a cold, but it is still progressive. symptoms start, and progress if there is something really wrong. as a syptom, it starts with hyperglycemic symtoms. dry mouth. blurry vision, etc. nobody is 100% diabetic, because diabetes is a SYMPTOM. current medicine is ignorant of this concept, but its the truth.

Heck of a good point Jess, I’ve never really thought of it that way, but it sure makes a lot of sense.

There is a huge gap between "low carb" and "high carb", with lots of options to moderate carb intake to prevent highs. When someone is adolescent they've got lots of years in which complications can form from time spent over 140. I agree with Gerri, that if we all listened to the "party line" of endos and docs we'd be content to eat high carb diets and maintain blood sugars of 180, which increases the chance of complications....for all of us, regardless of age.

'One UK doctor whose child has diabetes has been a strong advovate for kids limiting carbs & there are others. '

i think you may be referring to Katherine Morris .This is what her son used to eat .

It was not that low carb and it has increased for reasons described by Doctor Morris in the article. His mother describes it as moderate carb I remember that she contributed to a thread describing an average days diet a couple of years ago, on the day she described(if my memory is correct) he ate more than 150 carbs ..