Is this a crack?

I really can’t tell, and I don’t think that it was there before, but I’m not sure? Pictures on the Animas website don’t seem to show a line there…

not a crack - my pump has the exact same thing.

Mine looks like that as well.

Guess it’s normal then - I just never noticed! :slight_smile:

It’s there on mine too but I never noticed it either

The same on 2020 :wink:

Mine has it too. :slight_smile:

Maybe give them a call if you are worried about it? Just to give yourself some peace of mind.

Just remember this, Animas will replace your pump if the pump seems defective… I am haing a paint problem, the blue is chipping of my pump, they are mailing me a new one as we speak, will be here Monday sometime. I have had my pump replaced about 4 times, for lots of reasons, paint, errors, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask the reps at the Tech number. They are VERY understanding…

I see it on my new Ping as well, though my middle aged eyes had to really turn the thing this way an that before I found it. Good thing I wasn’t the first responder to your question, I would have said no!

This is my third ping… all of the other were replaced due to the button pad literally coming unstuck (the adhesive turned into goo).

which is really weird because i just pulled out my 2020 to look and i don’t have it. but mine is the black one so maybe it’s a color pump thing?

Hmmm… I have the black pump and do not have that marking.

Would those of you who don’t have the line take a picture of your pump and post it for me? Thanks :slight_smile:

I called Animas and the tech support rep I spoke with said it was normal, and that all of the pumps she had in front of her to look at had the same line, but I still wonder if it is normal or not, since some of you seem to be saying your pump has no line.

Mine is silver.

I have a black Ping and i do not have the crack; however, my green Ping did have that mark, so it must be a green thing or something!

not a crack. mine has it too :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if it just shows up more easily on the lighter color, as the two people with black pumps couldn’t see it, and I had a heck of a time seeing it on my blue one.I wouldn’t worry about it.