Is this a sign of insulin resistance?

I have been checking and logging my bg numbers to take with me to the endo app. As you all know I have big spikes after eating that usually hit the 200 range and slowly come down in a few hours to the 140ish range and than shoot back up again to the 180ish range. I have a hard time getting below 126 after the start of my day. My fasting levels are between 100- 120. Once I start eating It is a lost cause! My question is why does my bg come down only to shoot back up? What gives?

Well, if you’re a Type 2 – all of it is insulin resistance, really… It’s just a matter of how bad the insulin resistance is. Some Type 1’s also have insulin resistance. What kind of diet are you consuming right now? Do you consume a lot of pastas? Some foods spike for hours and hours later, and may even have double spikes.

I am eating mostly protein,veg and some carbs (1/4 cup) I have chosen almonds for a snack because they are low carb and filling. Would a pill help me with this problem?

As Lizmari said, it could be what you’re eating. Not having enough insulin to cover lowering of BG down to normal could either be resistance or not producing enough insulin to begin with to deal with the continued rise.

There’s first & second phase insulin production. First phase kicks in as soon as you start to eat.

Only your endo running tests to get a diagnosis can answer whether you need oral meds or insulin.

1/4 cup of what kind of carbs? Veggies are okay in general, if they are not the starchy kind… but pastas, rice, potatoes, corn, bread, are a big no-no for many people with D.

Yes… I agree with this.

During the last week my bg numbers have started creeping up regardless of food intake or not. So I take it that phase 1 for me is not up to par! But is phase 2 on the blink too?

Yep, could be that both phases are impaired. The pancreas secretes smaller amounts of basal insulin to keep BG level, in addition to larger amounts to cover food.

I am thankful for the knowledge that you all are giving me so that I can sound somewhat informed when I go to the endo appointment. My diet at the moment is pretty shabby not much in the way of mouth watering food. I am not at all overboard with the carbs but what little I do have really works on me. I am very anxious to get to the appointment so I can start feeling better and can hopefully resume a more normal diet. Some days I won’t start eating until later in the day so I can put off having the bg spike. I know that is so bad but I am so tired and eating just makes me more tired.

Ask your endo lots of questions & don’t be shy about asking him explain & take notes. I think I can remember what my doc says, but I can’t. Info overload.

High BG makes us feel really tired. Know how you feel.

Great idea! I wiil start making a list of questions to take with me! I want to get the most out of my one hour appointment that I can! My bg is not really that high compared to some people, so I don’t understand why I am so tired. I know you said it was from high bg but it is only slightly elevated! I feel like I am wasting away. I don’t think I am getting enough calories. It is a double edge sword,you eat,feel like crap,don’t eat,waste away. I want to remain upbeat but feel discouraged a lot. It could always be worse,so I am greatful that it is only what it is!

Normal BG is high 70’s-80’s, with fasting under 100.

Very discouraging & frustrating trying to handle this without meds or insulin! You’ll feel a lot better once you have the right treatment, so hang in there.

Thanks for the support!


When’s your appointment?

Not until April 19th! I am on the cancellation list. It seems so far away when you are living day to day like this. kwim?

Yea, really does seem like forever.

My poor golden retriever puppy (big puppy!) is not getting as many walks as she normally does because I have been too tired! So my kiddos have been trying to ware her out in the back yard but to no evail, she has boundless energy! I’m envious of her energy!

Aaawww, a Golden puppy. Soon, you’ll have your energy back. Know how hard it is to get some exercise when you’re worn out. I have to really force myself some days knowing it will make me feel better. Drink lots of water & try to get rest. You really are doing everything you can now, so be proud of your efforts!

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